Jul 30, 2009

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An Email I sent Out From Work Today

Hi guys, So okay, when we were in the candy store and you asked me if I was coming tonight I all was like, “No”. Right?? So here is where the next part gets a little hazy for me….did I say to you, “I don’t have to explain myself to you?” because I THINK I did. But upon reflection I realized that that may have come out sounding REALLY bitchy when really I meant it as “I feel great that I do not need to explain my choice further because you guys aren’t the crazy Yessica monster who thinks that those who back out should be shot”. Really, I said that because I know you guys are wicked cool and wouldn’t judge me for not wanting to haul my tired ass up 4,000,000 stairs. But if I only said the “I don’t have to explain myself” part in my head, then I take it all back. Loves you guys!

Jul 29, 2009

All I Want For Wenesday is......

A Chocolate Fountain.
I am not fucking waiting to get married for this shit!! Just give it to me now, and no one will get hurt.

BioShock Review

This game is amazing. I played it over a year (or more?) ago and I still think it is worthy of mentioning here. This is the first video game where I really noticed how bad ass the graphics were, and I literally almost pooped my pants when the opening cinematic switches to game play and you DON'T EVEN NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE. Man, this was also one of the first games I ever played that had the ability to scare the crap out of me (others being the whole Resident Evil series). The scene when you come upon Dr. Steinman for the first time?? SCARY.
Spoiler Alert Below Folks
I myself saved all the Little Sisters and had the heavenly magical ending. I think that I might play it again and be a bad ass and harvest them all for my own sick pleasure. This will bring me to the not so heavenly magical ending and I haven's seen that one yet!! Really though dudes, play this game. It's the shit. Can't wait for BioShock 2 coming in 2010!!

Jul 28, 2009


So my boyfriend hates all manner of exaggeration. When we first got together almost 5 years ago (an exaggeration, it was ACTUALLY 4 years and 5 months ago) , I told him about all the things that happened to me during my day out and about in the real world, just like any other couple would. And just with all my other friends, I would indulge in exaggerating certain aspects of my story, in order to tell a better story and to get a laugh out of the person listening. The only parts that I would really exaggerate would be that this person 'screamed' at me when really, they just kind of raised their voice. Or, I peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

For example:

When I was a young little 17 year old thing, I decided against my better judgement to go sunbathing in my parents backyard. Now, this is interesting enough in itself as I was emo and pretty much cried when the sun touched me. So, at the risk of burning my vampiric skin off, I went ahead and started the preparations to go into the actual outside world to expose my skin to type 3000 gamma rays. I first brought out the lawn chair, which was a struggle as my weak, limp limbs were no match for the un-yielding lawn chair. Once I set it up, cursing the entire time, I went ahead and got my little ghetto blaster and favorite CDs to listen to while I enjoyed (?) the sun. Then I made myself a cold drink so that I wouldn't burn all the way through. The biggest part of my internal struggle with sunshine and lollipops was taking off some clothing (gasp!) to sit out and soak up the rays. ME???? Take off CLOTHING???? But that would show my...gulp...skin!!!! After I said a few satanic prayers so that my lord of darkness would not forsake me, I stepped outside into the light. I marched to the chair and sat down as if I had some serious business to take care of. I sat back and got ready to enjoy feeling the warmth of the day, and then A BIRD SHIT IN MY MOUTH.

Jul 23, 2009

One of these days.....

This guy is going to eat my shit.

Blogs Suck

My friend Jacob told me today that he thinks blogs are stupid. They can be, for sure. I was telling him about this awesome blog that I read called Dooce and how it is hilarious and he said,"WHY DONT YOU JUST ASK ME WHATS GOING ON??? YES MY SANDWICH WAS DELICIOUS LET ME WRITE ABOUT HOW MUCH I ENJOYED IT!" or something along those lines. And he wasnt really screaming at all, really. He is just tall and thats how I think he SHOULD talk. Anyway, Jacob, you're HILARIOUS.

Jul 6, 2009

To Write or Not to Write.....

I had an amzing conversation with a 50-year-old woman this past weekend. She reminded me alot of me, and we started talking about writing and life. She worked in an office her whole life and hated it. Then at 50 she decided to quit her job and start writing a novel. She joined all these writing classes and discussion groups, and she even had the guts to read her work OUT LOUD in a cafe, like a freaking beatnik. God I am so jealous. It hurts me to think that I am wasting all my time in a dead-end job when I could be getting inspired everyday instead of going home after work and wanting to collapse. Is this what my life will be??? It will just slide by and one day I will wake up and realize I have wasted so much time on something I hate? Man. I suppose it is a lesson to myself to not LET that happen. But then how do you live?? This country makes it really hard to do what you want and to also make a living. England is not like this. Italy is not like this. All they want for us here is to work and work some more and when you are not working you should be thinking of work or you are lazy. I cant stand that way of being.

Castles Part 2

So I promised I would post some pictures from my Casa Loma extravaganza. I had so much fun and ran around like a kid in a candy store. We explored the place from top to bottom, which took about 4 hours. Imagine your HOUSE taking you four hours to walk around?? The town my parents live in does not even take that long to walk from one end to the other. Crazy. But it was really neat, especially imagining what it was like in its hey-day. Oh if only.... Anyway, here are some pictures of the outside of the castle.
And the library!!! And an Under- wood. Sigh.