Sep 30, 2009


A conversation between Dave and I today:

Me: Hey.  So my love for you today? It totally....LEVELED UP.

Dave: Oh yeah? Did you gain a bunch of experience points or something?

Me: Yeah. I fought an epic battle and gained five years worth of experience and leveled up. So now I have mad skills in this relationship.

Dave: Cool.

Me: I know right??!!!!

Sep 29, 2009

The Burden Of My Soul: A Comprehensive Look At My Computer Issues

A little while ago I wrote a post discussing my computer problems and how I really need a new one.  I briefly touched on the hinge issues, how slow it is, etc, and it was funny.  Now, NOT SO FUNNY. 

Over the weekend, the other hinge decided to break. Although it has not completely dettached itself (yet), the screen now has no way to keep itself up.  So if I want to type, I have to do it holding onto the screen while I finger pick the keys.  I am thinking that I might add to the family of packing tape that is holding this thing together.

Dave and I decided to come up with a solution so that I may continue to write just to you folks! It is a very progressive idea, and one that is not a pain in the ass AT ALL.

First, I have propped my laptop screen up against our television stand doors.  So if you need a movie, or say, an extra controller for the PS3 because yours died right in the middle of an epic battle? Sorry dude, you are SOL. 

Secondly, I have plugged in an external keyboard into the laptop so that I may sit on the hard, uncomfortable ground while my soft 80-year-old ankles splinter and shave away bone from the pressure, and type.  This set-up makes me have to lean WAAAYYYY forward as I am blind and cannot see the type on the screen.  So sometimes I use the external keyboard, other times I use the laptop keyboard, but in both situations, please note that I am straining WAAAYYY forward.

Dave, being the smarty that he is, rigged up another way that I can write and get my lunatic thoughts onto a screen.  Any screen!  He plugged the external keyboard up to the Wii and I can write my blog posts that way.  The only problem with that is you can only view the post in HTML.  This is fine except that I am a creature of the 'Compose' button and I need to preview what I do dammitt!!  Also, I cannot add any pictures, labels, or links.  Or anything.  Ever.  It is really good to use when I am writing a draft of something though!


So there you have it folks.  The amazingness that is my computer setup.  Who here wants to REALLY see it when I smash my computer once I get a new one?  This occasion is coming VERY soon people, so speak up or forever hold your peace!   Well....I am going to post the pictures, possibly even video! when the time comes anyway.  You know, for posterity. 

Tell me what you want to see.  Explosions? Taking a hammer to it? Peeing on it?

Leave a comment! Send me some pity! Tell me to shut up!

Getting Along With the Weather

Sep 28, 2009

Life List Entry # 1-Check

 A few weeks ago I signed up for a sewing class.  That means that number one on my next year's life list is down!  I am very excited about this class as it also brings me closer to my life list entry # 8, and that's creating my own outfit.  I have been feeling very creative lately and I need an outlet to work with my hands.  I figured since I have been sewing things by hand my whole life (mostly hems, rips, a few dolls) and I am good at it, why not branch out and actually learn to use a sewing machine?  Think of the amazing things I will be able to do with that kind of knowledge.

Stay tuned for more posts of the classes and photos of the homework I am given.  Should be interesting!

To Be Fair...

A few days ago I wrote a post about Dave not being my protector.  This brought to mind a story from long ago that proves that I myself, at one time, was concerned more for my own safety than that of my best friend.

Back in 1991, when Ciara and I were just babes of eleven years, we used to do crazy things that no parent ever wanted to know about.  My parents had a boat parked in our driveway in Brampton, and almost every night during the summer we would ask to sleep out in the little 'bedroom' that was tucked away in the bow of the boat.  This was back when it was still mostly safe to do these things, without the fear of someone abducting your crazy pre-teen who was almost asking for it by walking around Brampton in their pajama's in the middle of the night.

And that is what Ciara and I did.  We would wander around Heart Lake into the night, sometimes in our pajama's, sometimes in our day-glo bike shorts.  What would we do, you wonder?  Well, we had just taken up the beautiful art of smoking (note the sarcasm) and if we were not looking for a smoke, we were looking for a light.  God, the hours, and days, and lifetime's that Ciara and I would spend looking, and asking, for a light.

So on one particularily balmy night, at around one in the morning, we were sitting out on my front lawn having just finished a vigorous round of cartwheels, when we heard, "Psssss!!".  We look across the street and Karen, a neighbor, is hanging out her bedroom window beckoning to us.  We saunter over and she asks us what we are up to.  We say "Nothing", as cool as two eleven year olds know how to be.  And then she asks us to do something for her.

Sep 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday With Good T.V.

I am very excited about tonight's lineup up of shows.  There is nothing better then playing video games all day and watching television all night.  I enjoy this because I am NOT lazy or brain dead today.  Or on any other Sunday for that matter.  So tonight is all about Dexter and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Some of my favorite shows on television.  Curb makes me want to pee myself from laughing so hard, and Dexter is the ONLY show that I watch that makes me so nervous I bite my nails and sit ramrod straight on the couch.

So if you are having a lazy Sunday like me, check out Curb at 9:00PM on HBO, and then the season premiere of Dexter at 10:00PM on the Movie network.

You will not be disappointed, I promise!

Sep 25, 2009

Yes, I Love You Strange Man

I am wearing a shirt today that says, "I Love Nerds".  It's amazing to me the reaction that this shirt seems to get out of people. 

For instance, most girls, friends for instance, think that it is really cute.  I have also had my fair share of random girls who are passing me on the street tell me that they like my shirt. 

But it's the boys reactions that I find particularily hilarious.  First of all, and not because this is something I thought of while buying the shirt, is the fact that the words are written directly across my boobs.  I have always been a bit of a prude when it comes to strangers and my boobs, so it is sometimes wierd and always creepy to me when someone comments on something that they needed to stare right at my tits to see.  It doesn't make me angry or anything, just gets a bit strange as the guy's creep factor gets higher and higher. 

Being Tired Can Make You Stupid Things Say

Two separate conversations between Dave and I this morning:

Me: So I don't think I want to cook anything major tonight.  Are you ok with soup and bagels?

Dave:  Yeah.  Great.  That sounds like a MARVELLOUS dinner.

Me: Are you being sarcastic?  Because I will kill you.

Dave: Great.  It sounds MARVELLOUS.

Me: Would you feel better if I sat naked at the dinner table?  Would you like that?  And then when I bend over the table to reach for something I drip my tit into my soup?

Dave: UMMMMM.....WHAT?

Me: Err no.  I meant to say dip my tit. 

Yes.  Because that's better.

What Concerts Have You Been To?

I have been to, in my whole life:
  1. Michael Jackson
  2. New Kids on the Block
  3. Depeche Mode (x2)
  4. Soundgarden (x2)
  5. Rancid
  6. The Ramones
  7. Metallica
  8. Violent Femmes
  9. Sparklehorse
  10. Of montreal
  11. Grizzly Bear
  12. Sloan (x3)
  13. Weezer (x2)
  14. Sam Roberts (x2)
  15. Danny Michel (x a million?)
  16. The Stills
  17. Hayden (x3)
  18. Rush
  19. Blue Rodeo
  20. AC/DC
  21. The Guess Who
  22. Tea Party
  23. The Rolling Stones
  24. The Flaming Lips
  25. Have Love Will Travel Revue (Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi)
  26. Justin Timberlake (uhhhh....)
  27. The Cure
Oh lord, and many more.  Many more indie and punk bands that are too numerous to name.  And I am going to see Daniel Johnston on October 17th.  DANIEL JOHNSTON people!!!!

So I want to know, and stop being so shy people who keep coming back and refuse to leave me a comment :), what memorable concerts have YOU seen? 

Music makes the world go 'round!

Sep 24, 2009

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review

Since Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is set to be released on October 13, 2009, I thought it would only be fitting to pay hommage to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Developed by Naughty Dog for Playstation 3, (of Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter fame, to name a couple), this 2007 third person shooter action adventure game is just that, packed with action and adventure. 

The story begins with you, as Nathan Drake, recovering the lost coffin of your ancestor and explorer, Sir Francis Drake.  All you find in the coffin is a diary that leads you to El Dorado, the city of gold that your long lost relative so desperately sought.  Spurred on by a missing page from the diary and the fact that you strongly believe your ancestor to have faked his own death, you begin your journey to find the gold that Sir Francis never did. 

You are helped along the way by your friends and hindered by your enemies.  Hired killer mercenaries, pirates, and evil captors are all thrown your way in this awesome game.  If you have ever played and loved the Tomb Raider series (especially Legend and Underworld) or the Prince of Persia series, then you will love this game.  I promise.

P.S.- The graphics in this game are KILLER.

So I strongly suggest picking up this game that IGN gave a 9.1 "Outstanding" rating, and is quoted as being "the most fun I've had in a videogame this year".   

So having told you THAT, let's all get REALLY excited for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves!

If you have not had the chance to watch the trailor for this game, then voila, I provide for you my loves:

Official 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee List

The official list for the 12 inductees was announced yesterday (Sept 22).  Some of the people I am not familiar with, but many of them are idols to me! It would be a really hard choice for me if I had to vote.  The list includes:

  1. Abba
  2. Kiss
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. Genesis
  5. Donna Summer
  6. LL Cool J
  7. The Stooges
  8. Jimmy Cliff
  9. The Hollies
  10. Darlene Love (artist of my FAVORITE Christmas song ever!)
  11. The Chantels
  12. Laura Nyro   
See? So difficult.  So who would you vote for if you had the choice?

Who would get your vote for the 2010 rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Donna Summer
Darlene Love
The Stooges
LL Cool J
Jimmy Cliff
The Hollies
The Chantels
Laura Nyro free polls

Sep 23, 2009

All I Want For Wednesday Is...

The ever rumored, fantastically mythical Apple Tablet. 

Now, I know with a possible price tag of $700-$900 dollars one could almost have the funds to buy a pretty decent Macbook, but this is a pure, unadulterated luxury to the max.  Have $900 burning a hole in your pocket? Sure!! Go and pick up an Apple Tablet!

A girl has to have dreams right?

My Protector? It's Up For Debate

Last Thursday I went and saw my friend's band, Heart of a Shark, play at Sneaky Dees here in Toronto.  After oh, a large amount of peer pressure and way too many drinks, I texted Dave who was attending a movie at TIFF, and asked him if he wanted to meet me in the area so we could head home together.  He said that he would. 

I left my freinds and began to stumble my way towards Dave.  It was maybe 1:30 in the morning at this point, so there were many people just coming home from the bar.  I walked fast as I was getting a bit nervous about all the crazy people I had to dodge.  You know the ones ladies, the cat-calling, deisgner-jeans- wearing, travel-in-small-groups-because-it's-easier-to-get-some-tail-that-way types of guys.  I shudder to even think about it.

So as I said, I am getting pretty nervous and am trying to show that I am not scared of some drunken frat boys who are going home alone yet again, by standing up straight and firm, eyes ahead, hoping that the sign on my forehead which reads 'I am nice to crazy people' isn't blinking too brightly.

Cool or Depressing?

Video of a guy who takes a photo of himself twice a day for 17 YEARS.

I think this is such a neat idea, but it might depress me to watch when I am 50.

What do you think? Depressing or really cool?

Sep 22, 2009

When Bad Recipes Go Good: Honey Garlic Meatballs

Last night I decided it was time for Dave to experience the greatness that are my mother's meatballs.  I had been building them up for so long, telling him that he would never EVER taste honey garlic meatballs like these ones in his whole life.  So I got all my ingredients ready, set up my stations, pre-heated the oven and voila! I was on my way to bask in the glory that was his utter pleasure at eating a masterpiece.

I lovingly made each meatball into the exact size and shape I desired, a perfect bite-sized morsel of heaven on your tongue.  I put these into the oven.  Because they do not take that long to cook, I decided it was time to start the sauce.

I gathered up my organic honey, the organic ketchup, my garlic that I had so precisely minced.  I threw the garlic into a saucepan to brown a little.  I added the ketchup and honey, all the while making sure it is all coming together nicely.  And then: oh shit! The soy sauce!  I go into the fridge to grab the soy sauce and wait...where is it?  Hmm..malt vinegar, balsamic vinegar, REGULAR vinegar.  What the fuck is going on with all the vinegar?? We don't even use this stuff!! 

Autumn Equinox Is Upon Us

Well folks, Fall is officially here.  My second favorite season after Winter.  Who wouldn't love the gorgeous colors that the trees descend upon us.  Or the crisp air and nights when you can see your breath?  There is nothing I love more then sinking into an oversized boy sweater, walking in the chill air, and knowing that soon I will be home and enjoying a warm cup of tea. 

So, I wanted to take the time to compose a list of all the awesome things I like to experience when it is officially Fall outside:
  1. Take many scenic drives.
  2. Visit Collingwood where the best apple picking lies.
  3. Visit Downey's Farm and pick up some amazing well-priced wines.  Get lost in the corn maze.
  4. Start making tea to warm my hands on my walks to work.
  5. Enjoy every cold, wonderful step it takes to get me home and into my fleece pajamas.
  6. Take a walk on Halloween with a flask of whiskey and tell scary ghost stories along the way.
  7. Visit abandoned houses and take pictures.
  8. Smell fresh air through my windows instead of the conditioned kind.
  9. Play lots of video games.  It's always more fun playing video games when it is cold outside.
  10. Begin perfecting my chilli recipe for another year.
Also not included on the list but which is high up there on things I love to do when it is Fall, is knit myself a new scarf.  Jessica brought me back some pea green lambs wool from Ireland a few months ago and I have been dying to make one.  I am going to post my progress along the way with that one, so stay tuned. 

I know it's hard to think of right now, especially here in Toronto where the temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and it feels like 32, but I want to know: 

What is your favorite thing to do when the weather gets colder?

(Ha! I cant wait to hear the response on this one!)

Reminder to Back Up Your Shit People

Last weekend one of Dave's external hard drives went belly up.  This was particularily devastating to him because his entire body of work was on that hard drive.  All of his music back from when he started quietly recording himself playing guitar in his bedroom at his mom's house so as not to wake anyone.   Also located on this hard drive was all the score that he has done for the current movie he is working on, plus the scores and audio for a couple of movies that have yet to see the light of day.  So again, devastating. What makes it even worse is that none of it was backed up.  GAH!!! Hard lesson learned, but learned very well all the same.

So instead of curling up into a ball and wanting die like I would (you should have seen me last night when the sidebar on this blog decided to crawl to the bottom of the page.  The world came to an end and I only saw darkness), Dave did his research into how much it would cost to recover all his data.  And holy mother of christ do those people have you by the balls.  The going rate it seems is between $1500-$2000 dollars on account of the delicacy of the operation.  An expert money-stealer, in an extremely sterile environment, opens up the hard drive to expose the magnets inside.  Depending on how dead it actually is, they can either remove the magnets and place them into another sterile casing and into another hard drive, or they would have to take pictures of the magnets themselves so as to manually transfer the data from the images onto another hard drive.  I can see the latter costing quite a bit of money as that could take a lot of time and effort, but to charge even $1000 to move a few magnets from one place to another?

Dave:  0

People in Space Suits:  Your soul.

Back up your shit!!

Sep 21, 2009

Brought To You C/O My Love

It is 1:30am and I should be in bed!  Not only do I have to work in the morning, but I have a bit of a sinus infection as well.  Oh, and my vacation is over officially as of 7 hours from now when I have to wake up.

I really just wanted to take the time out to talk about a really awesome thing we have in Toronto called Front Door Organics.  What they do is deliver fresh organic produce (and more!) right to your front door or business.  For only $35 you can get a basic box of fresh fruits and veggies, and for $40 you can get a custom order box delivered directly to your front door.  That price includes the delivery.  No, I am not getting paid by Front Door Organics to say this (I wish!), I just really think that for $35 every week or two is not a huge cost to have fresh organics included in your diet. 

So, having said all of that, I have not used this service as I am extremely lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that places such high importance on organics and natural foods.  I can walk five minutes down the street and have an abundance of both.  Not everyone is so lucky, or finds it easy to leave their home to buy organics for themselves.  So I thought I would pass on the word!

I know there is a HUGE debate in this world about organics, but for myself, I prefer them to non-organic.  Once you have allowed for getting used to not tasting pesticides anymore, and numb tongues to begin to remember what a piece of fruit tastes like, there really is a difference.  I also know I am probably pissing off some people by writing this, but c'est la vie!

If you want more information on organics delivery in the Toronto area, please take the time to visit these sites and try them out:

Also, if you have ever used them before or are willing to try them out because of this little old post, drop me a line and let me know how it is/ goes!

Sep 19, 2009

Inadvertent Death By Technology

It's crazy what happens to people when technology fails. And by people I mean me. My heart starts to beat a little faster, my cholesterol rises high enough so that God wonders what that red line poking through His floor might be, and my face takes on the colors and lines of a veteran alcoholic.

I mean, are we all crazy to put so much trust into a machine? Into an object? Because I do. On a regular basis. I trust that my computer is going to work when I turn it on. I trust that my iPhone will do every awesome thing it is supposed to do. And even though I logically know that at some point everything will fail, when it happens it's like I have been cheated on. It's like "What the fuck? Who do you think you are freezing on me? What are you trying to say by dropping my calls asshole?"

Sep 18, 2009

Strawberries and Toots

I feel like I have been gone forever. My stay in Niagara Falls was wonderful. It was filled with laughter, tears, and many bouts of what I am very good at: burping and farting. Like I said, it was awesome.

Do you want to take a guess what it's like living with four Macedonian woman for a few days? Picture your European grandmother who is only happy when you are eating, and throw in all of her friends who talk over each other and only take a breath to hex the air around you for protection.  It was a little bit like that.  Such intense emotion all over the place. But at the same time, such comfort and a place to completely be yourself. Needless to say, I was very sad to leave.

So, as promised, here are the before and after pictures of me getting my hair did:

Uhhh yeah, do I look like I want to crawl into a hole and sleep for a hundred years?  It's because I did.  Staying up late late into the early morning hours talking to L made me die a little the next day.  But it was totally worth it because I love her and appreciate everything she had to say.  Oh by the way L, I saw you hiding your yawns all night.  Sneaky!  You get a paka pooka!

And then here is the after:

Wow!! What a difference! It's like all that hair washed me out, and made me look ever so boring and mousy.  But not anymore!  If I didn't already have the best boyfriend ever I would say, "Ladies... lock up your husbands!".  Haha.  I probably wouldn't ever say that, boyfriend or not.

So that has been my Super Amazing Vacation '09.  I am sad that it is almost over, but I am happy that I am back to writing again.  I missed it dearly!

Sep 14, 2009

Until We Meet Again

Well folks, I am off for a few days to sit on a deck in Niagara Falls and eat. Oh, the eating. I just wanted to wish everyone a lovely next few days as my posting will be non-existent. I will most definitely be having blogger withdrawal and will have to be stopped by my sister from throwing myself over the Falls in utter sadness.

So I leave you with a picture of me on my last vacation. It was almost a year ago today that I started getting really excited about my trip to England and Scotland. If I only knew what the humidity was going to do to my hair the whole time I was there I would have been a little less enthusiastic:
I am just kidding about that last part. I love England and want to marry it. New hair pictures when I return!

Sep 13, 2009

My Cats Are My Children.....Anyone Else Crazy?

I wrote a post back in January of this year regarding my cat Pandorah who was suffering from liver disease. I wrote that we were told her outlook was not good at all, that most cats die from liver disease. The vet we were taking her too (Jerky McJerks) put her on nine different drugs that I had to shove down her throat on a daily basis, to the point where she was throwing up blood as there was nothing lining her stomach. I had to keep her hydrated by sticking her with two gigantic needles a day attached to an IV bag full of saline solution. I made her bleed numerous times as the needles were a ridiculous size. All in all, I died a little bit inside having to do this to my poor cat, even though I knew it was saving her life.

Dave and I decided to get a second opinion. We took Pandorah to a natural vet named Sharon, who lives out in the middle of nowhere and runs her vet clinic out of her house. The whole experience was so surreal and had to be met with an open mind as it was VERY different from anything I had ever done before. She did not examine Pandorah the way a regular vet would. She asked us to tell our story and so we told her everything we were doing and going through. She just sat there and nodded a lot, didn't really offer up much of her opinion until the very end when she bluntly said "Take her off all the medications you are giving her and she will be fine". I was all WTF??!! She explained that when an animal (or person for that matter) has liver disease it is harder for the liver to process anything. So therefore by giving her all those pills, we were making her liver work harder and not giving it an opportunity to heal. So we went home that night and took her advice. It was a very hard decision to make, even though we are not a couple who rely on pills for anything. But, the very next day, she started eating. And drinking. Without me having to force any of it down her throat.

Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

I spent the last two days of the work week, well....working. A LOT. In two days I worked a total of 26 hours. Sigh. So much for my not allowing work to stress me out.

But! Now I am on vacation!! For 9 glorious days I don't have to think about work, talk about work, barf about work. Dave and I have made a 'No Talking About Work' rule. Ha! And here I am talking about work.

So I just wanted to make a little list of the things I am looking forward to doing over the next 9 days. Things I actually WANT to spend my life doing.

I want to:

1. Sleep in late every day. And eat! Oh the eating.

2. Visit my folks.

3. Visit old friend's in Niagara Falls.

4. Drink lots of wine on a deck, in Niagara Falls.

5. Get my hair cut. I am cutting inches and inches off!! There will be before and after pictures.

6. Play on Clifton Hill, in Niagara Falls.

7. Make a trip to Rotate This and pick up some Daniel Johnston tickets. DANIEL JOHNSTON!

8. Stay in my pajamas for most of the time.

9. Play a sickening amount of video games.

10. Watch My So-Called Life and Degrassi High for the gagillionth time.

And there you have it folks. This is what I will be doing on my vacation. My last two consisted of back-packing around the UK, and spending the week helping out when my best friend had a baby. Both awesome and fun, but not conducive to mondo relaxation, kna'mean?

Sep 11, 2009

Oh The Child I Used To Be....

I just finished watching an episode of Beetlejuice, the cartoon. Remember that one kiddies?? I used to LOVE that cartoon when I was a sniveling pre-teen.

So Beetlejuice's
thing, if you want to call it that, was that he ate bugs. You know, what any normal poltergeist would do. And every time he ate one it would go CRUNCH! and Lydia would cringe. Sigh...I miss watching that show while eating my corn flakes in the morning.

So after watching and reminiscing, I was reminded of this one time when I was 15. I was living with my sister in Kingston and we uh, were not financially comfortable if you know what I am saying. Anyway, one day I decided to make some microwave popcorn. I poured it in a bowl and happily began munching when my sister asked me to accompany her to the store. I agreed and without even thinking it
would be an issue I placed the bowl half-filled with popcorn onto my windowsill. We proceed to go the store.

Sep 9, 2009

This Is What I Do At Work

A conversation between me and a co-worker:

Me: Imagine being married to someone who's last name is Semen?

Her: Yeah, that would be awesome.

Me: I would change my first name to 'Guzzle'.

Her: Haha!! Your poor kids! They would be embarrassed of you!

Me: No, because their names would be 'I like' and 'Hot for'.

All I Want For Wednesday Is...

Bacterial Art

These would look so pretty on my walls. My bare, bare walls.

And if you are interested in more sites for bacterial art, check out these links (which will also link you to the websites where the pictures came from):

Sep 8, 2009

A Question...To All of You

In a very recent post I discussed how I wanted to try and do things that made me feel more energetic, and less like I am in a watery dream world of exhaustion. I spoke of my depression and how I wanted to look into bettering myself without taking drugs (at least the conventional kind). I have made a commitment to myself starting from two days ago, that I am going to get at least half an hour of exercise into my daily routine. I have always heard that exercising helps depression and I am more then willing to give it a try and let you know the results.

I know that this is going to be a very difficult challenge for me as it entails exercising when all I want to do is curl up into a ball and stare blindly at the television.

I also want to throw this question out to you, my readers (and I know you are there!). If you have ever suffered from depression or felt like you are in a rut, what have you done to make yourself feel better? I would like to learn some tools from you guys that I can take with me in my journey of bettering my mind and body!!

Respond in my comments section and I will read all of what you have to say. Even if it's to tell me to suck it.

Save The Green Planet: Review

I watched an awesome movie over the weekend called Save The Green Planet. This movie was written and directed by Korean film maker Jang Jun-hwan, released in 2003, and it combines so many different genres that it was hard to know how to feel while watching it! Which is what makes it awesome.

So, now that you know I think it was awesome, the premise of the movie is that the main character Lee Byeong-gu (played by Shin Ha-kyun) believes that aliens are set to destroy our planet at any moment, and he is the only one who can save us all. His focus of attack is CEO and former boss Kang Man-shik (Baek Yoon-sik) who he believes to be the leader of the aliens unleashing their horrifying experiments on the human race.

Without giving too much of the plot away, you are set on a crazy roller coaster ride with your emotions as some parts of the film are hilarious (I mean, look at the movie poster) and some parts are the most depressing I have seen in a movie since Schindler's List.

All in all, such a good movie to reflect the times we are living in and what may come for the future.

For those who are interested in checking out the trailer, you can find it here:

Sep 7, 2009

Solitary Con-FUN-ment

I am one of those people that has no problem being by myself. When I was kid my parents always tried to sign me up for some kind of social activity, and I always had an excuse to get out of it. Gymnastics? You mean the thing that every little girl would LOVE to be signed up for? Hated it. OK...maybe soccer? Nope. All I wanted to do was hide in the library and read my books. Any book. All books. Why was everyone being SO mean in trying to make me participate in something? UGH. This lead to my not really having any friends growing up as I would rather be on my own. Honestly, it never bothered me that I spent most of my day by myself. In fact, I loved it. When I did eventually start making friends it was like something told me that these people were the ones to make friends with. They were just like me, where they wouldn't mind if instead of running through the sprinklers and playing Skip-It I wanted to stay at home and read my Judy Blume book. And this has translated to my life today. I have very few friends, and not because I am socially awkward, but because the few people I have in my life are my TRUE friends. They have always understood that I am a homebody, I don't enjoy going to clubs, and I don't like making connections with people that are flaky. I love these people the most in my life for getting that about me. I don't call all the time. I don't want to stay on the phone for a hundred years. And if we fall out of touch for a long while, I love that it is so easy to just pick up where we left off. I guess this post is to say I love you friends, for allowing me to be a loner and still loving me for it.

5 Things To Do To Ensure Your Lonliness

This list consists of things that I did throughout my life that I am not proud of. Some were accidents and some were done on purpose because I am an evil wench. Proceed. 

1. DO make sure that when you slam the door on your best friends' finger you do it hard enough to break it to the bone. And then look at the bone sticking out of her skin and act like you are horrified because she is a monster. 

2. DO make sure that while you are perfecting your cartwheels on the school yard that you time your flying legs just perfectly in alignment with the universe so that the guy running by you sucking on his delicious sucker ends up with it down his throat. 

3. DO get jealous when another girl in your kindergarten class shows up one day with a rose for your teacher. Allow your jealousy to enrage you and walk up to her, pluck the rose out of her hands, throw it on the ground and then stomp on it until it is dead. Just like your heart. 

4. DO go and kick your little brother in the balls to test why your mother told you never to do such a thing. And then just stand there staring at him when he cries. 

5. DO try to fix your rocky relationship with one of your best friends by appeasing her request to write something in her yearbook. Then write: "See you never. Have a nice life".

Cool Katherine, you are an awesome person.

Sep 6, 2009

Here's Where I Take The Posting Plunge

I was talking to my good friend John today and somehow we got onto the topic of depression. This has been something very close to my heart and mind as of late, as I have just started admitting that I myself, am depressed. Now, just after typing that line I wanted to erase it. Or at least follow it with something like, "Now don't get me wrong, I am not depressed depressed. I am just in...a rut".

But I didn't. Because I am starting to accept that it is okay to be depressed. There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed and I am not sure why I ever thought there was. I remember the first time I ever suffered from depression, it was my third year of university and I had been through a lot. My grandmother (who I was very close to) died that year, and my boyfriend and I had broken up. And I was depressed. And SO not admitting it. But really...why would I deny that I was? I had been through some hard things and instead of embracing how I was feeling and seeking help for myself, I chose to deny that I was 'unable to handle' my own emotions.

Sep 3, 2009

All I Want For Wednesday Is...On Thursday

I missed All I Want For Wednesday yesterday so I am going to post it today. Here it is: All I Want For Wednesday Is.... Halloween!
Man. How much do I miss being a kid on Halloween? I would spend the two weeks before Halloween getting SOOO excited. It was all I could think about. And it wasn't just about the candy, it was more about how creepy everything became. Nightfall seemed spookier around that time of year. The shadows on my bedroom wall would elongate in the streetlamps and take on a mind of their own. No one cared what their costumes looked like when we were kids, the night was about going outside when you normally would not be allowed to, and enjoying all that went bump in the night. Parents didn't have to worry too much about crazy people (the real ones) who would snatch their kids, so by the time I was in grade 4 I was allowed to go out on my own with my friends. I believe I dressed up as a hooker that year. With Day-Glo yellow hair. Sigh. Those were the days...
I vow to enjoy Halloween like a kid again this year!!! I am going to take a walk and visit scary houses and tell ghost stories until I am too afraid to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom by myself.
Dave will have to hold my hand.

Sep 2, 2009

Sad Songs

Song made famous by Terry Jacks, Seasons In The Sun. So good.

Sep 1, 2009

Guitar Hero 5: Kurt Cobain...ummm?

Does anyone else think that this a bit strange?? That Kurt Cobain is posthumously appearing on Guitar Hero 5? I mean, does this not go against everything he was about? Activision would have had to get permission from Courtney Love and Dave Grohl to gain rights to the two songs being used: Smells Like Teen Spirit and Lithium, and I wonder why they agreed to it? Money? More noble reasons like wanting young kids to be exposed to the awesome-ness that is Nirvana?
Whatever the reason might be, I find this a bit weird. The fact that Kurt Cobain never wanted to be a sell out and now he is being exposed in ways that I am sure he would not have agreed with makes me sort of sad.
Grunge is dead and this just seems like another nail in it's coffin.

You're Back To THIS Again?

I am not sure I have ever REALLY expressed my anger towards this guy right here. I hate to keep returning to the scene of my hate but my god people, trying to beat this guy makes my eyeballs go wonky. I dislike him. I do. He is like the big dumb jock who shows up uninvited to your party. You know the one: the guy who picks fights with all your sensitive musician friends and who rips the tab off his Maximum Ice with his teeth.

I just can't beat him and it KILLS me. I AM GOOD AT PUZZLES dammit! I am amazing at getting into the zone, learning the repetitive motions of a character and crushing him (or her)against his own computer generated moves. Screw this guy. He seems so random and I become this red-eyed staring maniac trying to dodge his moose-like fists because he is JUST TOO FAST. I mean come on, he seems like a dumb oaf who has no idea the speed of my character, my quick wit and intelligence that translates into my fists.