Colourful, Happy Things

To lighten the mood around here at Pandorah's Box, I thought I would showcase some colour!  I figured since it is winter for most of us, what a lovely way to brighten up our lives by adding splashes of colour to our home decor.

Now, I tend to go for more neutral tones, but I want to break out of my norm and add perfect pieces of radiance into my everyday life.  And since Dave and I are currently living it up ghetto styles before we decide on what major pieces of furniture to purchase, I am finding it very fun to browse the interwebs and find some lovely ideas for a beautiful home.

I love all of these.  I only wish I knew how to incorporate stuff like this into my home.  I guess the only way to know is to just do it.  Look at that pantry!

I love these rooms.  Particularly the second one.  It may just be filed away into the folder in my mind labelled 'Pretty Things That Kato Wants'.  

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