Feb 27, 2011

Vintage Dave and Kato: the Early Years

I know, you guys are sooo thrilled to be staring at another photo post of yours truly.  But I have been so lazy this weekend on account of not feeling the greatest.  Therefore my brain cannot come up with a witty and illuminating post for your reading pleasure, so you are stuck with this.  Also, you are welcome to come and raid my college dorm refrigerator.  There is enough pizza and beer in there to last a lifetime.  Too lazy/ sick to go grocery shopping.  Pizza and beer seemed like a good idea as we didn't have to leave the house to consume these things.  Thank you delivery.

Quote of the week:

I was struggling with opening the lip of my take out coffee cup.  It wouldn't stay down so it kept hitting my nose when I would take a sip.  Dave kept saying, "Here, give it to me.  I will fix it".  And I would say, "It's fine.  Really, no big deal", and so on until finally I said, "It's really fine! Stop OCDing all over me!".  

True love, I know.

My 26th birthday, five years ago.  Oh dear!  I wanted to go to my favourite haunt at the time, The Green Room, but it had been shut down to film a movie.  Also, it was pissing rain and we ended up in a dive bar where Jess stole a doorknob.  Good times.

Dave and I used to work together at Second Cup.  That made it super interesting when we were working together late at night and we would get into an argument. The customers loved the ice stares coming from the both of us.  Young love.  Don't you wish you were back there again?  I don't.  It was also pretty awkward when dudes would come in and ask me out.  Total weirdness.  Yeah, that only happened once.

Our first apartment together.  It was tiny.  You had to step over one another to use the washroom.  No secrets in this place.  Notice how empty it was.  It stayed this way for 6 months.  We ate a picnic every night on the living room floor until a friend broke down and bought us a kitchen table (thanks Jess!).  We lived in the bedroom that whole time.  I miss it.

Look at this skinny bitch! Eat something would you?  Don't worry, I have.  I have eaten MANY things since then.

We decided to paint the hallway.  What you see in the picture is how big it was.  It took ALL DAY to paint it, like we were a couple of stoners or something.  Man.

What an amazing difference.  My eyes are rolling right now.

And then we took a token couples trip to Niagara Falls.  Believe me, going once is enough.  This was our ten millionth time.  Not together though, so it was cool.  We pretty much stayed in the arcade the entire time.  This is how we are romantic with each other.

We went on a giant ferris wheel thingy.  I was actually pretty scared at first, but had to put on a brave face or Dave would never have agreed to go on it.  It's exhausting being the man of the relationship sometimes.

That's me in the yellow slicker in the middle of the picture.  You have no idea how loud it is standing underneath those falls.  I mean, unless you do, then you know what I am talking about.  I was being blown over by the SPRAY, that's how powerful it all is.  And then we went completely under them, and I was scared the concrete was going to crack while we were walking around under there.  There were leaks and dripping all over the place.  Scared city.

Christmas at the rents.  The first time Dave spent Christmas at my house. Actually, I think it was the first time he had ever met my folks.  My dad plied him with alcohol so it was all good.  My dad likes to challenge new people to drink a shot of slivovitz (plum brandy, nasty shit) with him and if they do, they pass the test. Dave took it like a champ.  When I was younger my dad would ask me if I wanted some and I always said no.  He always replied with, "It puts hair on your cheeeessstttt!", just like that, in a little sing-song lilt.  WHY WOULD I WANT THAT DAD?

What's going on with my hand?  I do not have enormous man hands, I promise you. I can take a picture to prove it.

Couples who sing karaoke like dying animals together, stay together.

Look at these fucking hipsters.  How urban chic of us.  The garbage is especially pretty.

Visiting Casa Loma.  A 'castle' in Toronto.  It's really a huge awesome house.  We spent a hot, hot day running around in there like animals.  

I took Dave to the scenic caves in Collingwood for his birthday one year.  I used to come here a lot when I was a teenager and hang out in the caves.  It's just as fun when you are an adult as you can see here from our re-enactment of a typical Indian Council.  He is talking about the land, I am telling him to be smarter with the water.  

My cousin Billy's wedding.  I am pretty sure we were drunk directly after the ceremony.  My parents were there too, and between myself, Dave and my sister, they were trying to pretend like they didn't know us.  You can't pretend when I keep giving you wet, drunk kisses on the cheek!! 

Hello large man hands, how nice to see you again.  Seriously, WTF?  I am going to have to do a hands post, to prove that my hands are not that ginormous.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed my blast from the past post.  I know I did!  Happy Sunday everyone!

Feb 23, 2011

Keep Me Grounded, For I Am a Star

Cha cha cha.  That's me laughing.  Because guess what I did guys?  I sang in a commercial.  That is for real going to be aired on t.v.

Woah! What?  I know.  Did you guys see the video of me singing in this post?, or uh, HEAR me singing in that post?  Yeesh.  Angels singing? No, not even close.

I don't claim to be a 'singer'.  Actually I claim the opposite.  But when Dave was commissioned to compose music for a commercial and he was told that he needed a female singer for it, I jokingly told him I would do it.

"Oh yeah?", he asked.

"Um, NO.  I was kidding".

But then one thing led to another and I found myself nervously fidgeting in front of a microphone.

"You can't play with that thing in your hands when we start recording".

"Uh, kay", as I threw the thing I was fiddling with to the side.

"Try not to shift around too much, the mic will pick it up".

I was a statue until he made the motion that we had begun recording.  He had already composed the music, so I had to listen with one ear on a set of headphones and sing over the music.  When he sang the jingle to me beforehand, I couldn't hit one of the notes.  I walked around singing it at the top of my lungs to practice and just could not hit the note he wanted me to.  He found this strange because the note I kept missing was a 'normal' note in most people's voices (I don't even know the right term here).  Well, I never claimed to be normal.  HENCE SINGING FOR A COMMERCIAL WHEN I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL SINGER.

After a while I developed a strange way of saying the word I was messing up on without it losing the way the word sounded.  Huh.  Maybe I am a professional! Ha! A professional dufus!

We did twenty takes in a row.  I told Dave he couldn't look at me while I was singing.  Even then, in the first 5 takes I kept laughing.  The next  five were okay. I asked Dave how I sounded and he answered with, "Good, now put a smile in your voice.  It's all about the cheese factor".

Okay.  So I did.  I cheesed the shit out of it.  The last ten takes were pure gold when it came to commercial jingles.  I refused to listen to it once we were done, and allowed Dave to work his magic in whatever way he could to salvage the wreckage that was sure to be my voice work.

Uh, they loved it.  The producers and stuff.  So now it's going to be on t.v.  

Shit.  What did I get myself into here?  My cheesy voice will be played all over the nation.  

Five bones for an autograph.  Ten for a picture.  I'll try not to let this one go to my head.

Sage Wisdom

I am sitting at my desk at work right now, and I wanted to write this down before I forget what was said in my fleeting young person's mind.

Dave walked me in to work today, as he does on most days.  We were on a residential street, enjoying our coffees and talking when we noticed that we would soon be sharing the sidewalk.  A little old lady, bent over her walker, was shuffling towards us.  We both stepped to the side to let her pass, but instead she stopped and looked at us as if to speak.  This is what she said: 

Enjoy the sunshine today.  It is beautiful.  Yesterday I couldn't even get out of bed because it was so cold.  

Live your life, read a lot of good books, and help your parents.  You will have a good life if you do this.  Read plenty of fairy tales because they are true to every situation in life.  The bible is hard to read, but you should still try. 

When you get old, you gain many problems.  You have no debt, but you have no life.  

Enjoy your life. 

Man.  Were truer words ever spoken?  Who knew that when I walked into work today I would get to experience the sage wisdom of one who has lived a full life?  For some reason everything she said really touched me.  And I think that everything she said is true.

Enjoy your life today folks.

Feb 21, 2011

Today=Family Day

After our awesome night away at the Millcroft, we arrived home yesterday T-I-R-E-D.  All I wanted was to shower, curl up in a ball on the couch, and watch a movie. Being old is wonderful.  You can't drink like you used to because when you do, it murders you.  

We pretty much slept the afternoon away, ate a yummy dinner, watched a movie and then went back to sleep.  Yes, we needed that much time to recover.  It was nice being holed up at home because there was a big storm happening outside which made it seem even cozier.  

And then we woke up today to Family Day! Here in Ontario that means a holiday. A day to spend with your family and rejoice that you don't have to go to work for one more day.  Beautiful.  Also beautiful was the fact that Dave made breakfast. After he went out and picked us up some coffee.  I have the best boyfriend ever.


Pure Canadian Maple Syrup.  Only the best!

I inhaled it.

Today was all about sleeping in, reading in bed, eating yummy food, and relaxing together before having to head into work in the morning.

For those of you who got to celebrate Family Day, I hope you had a good one.  For everyone else, I hope you had a great Monday!

6 Years: Holy Sh*t

February 7th marked mine and Dave's sixth anniversary.  Every time I think about the fact that we have spent six years together, my mind is boggled.  Because it hasn't felt like six years.  It has felt like two.  But then I think about the life we have created together and all the things we have experienced already, and I can believe it has been six years.  How the time flies though!

So this past weekend we booked some time away at a vintage hotel: the Millcroft Inn and Spa.  It is located about an hour outside the city...you know, out in that stuff called nature.  I didn't really think about what we would DO once we got there, I just knew that we needed some time away and that this seemed like the best place to do it.

On our way!

Easy there GQ.

But first, we had to meet the rents, and the rest of the fam for lunch to celebrate my dad's 65th birthday.  

Ha! Happy birthday daddy!

The three douches.

And then we were on our way.  My sister decided to catch a ride back home with us, as we were going that way anyway.  And any time my sister and I are together, craziness ensues.  Hence, I present you with the video below.  Not embarrassing AT ALL.

We Should Form a Band from Kato Kaka on Vimeo.

As soon as we checked in I had to take off for my spa treatment.  My mother is an angel and gave me a gift certificate she had for a hot stone massage.  Seriously, an angel.  And the spa was beautiful.

Tranquility lies here.  As well as a trashy Us magazine I devoured.

Fancy spa water.  Only the best for the richies.

After my massage it was time to head over to the restaurant for a fancy dinner.  Thank goodness this was all included in the package we bought because it was EXPENSIVE.  There is no way I would have been able to afford the spa and dinner.  But man, was it ever good.  I was also drunk and floating on a cloud of rich people glory, so that may have had something to do with everything tasting so good.  I decided to wear heels to dinner, but that lasted all of thirty seconds after I walked out the door.  I asked Dave to grab my boots for me and I would change into my heels once we got to the restaurant.  I didn't.  I carried them to the table and dropped them on the floor beside me.  So classy.

I just couldn't do it.  I had to stand on the cold ground to change out of them too.

Some kind of romantic garden thing.

More wine.  And Dave.  A great combo.

My dessert.  Oh man.  This will be dreamt about for years to come.

I had scallops and chorizo as my appetizer and duck for my main.  I felt really bad about the duck.  I don't think I will ever eat it again.  The guilt far outweighed the taste. That dessert above was a passion fruit mousse-line.  I can't even describe the flavour to you because I might cry.

After dinner, we headed to the games room.  You were allowed to bring your wine anywhere on the premises (except the dining room and lounge area) and believe me when I say we took full advantage of that little piece of knowledge.  We played pool, and I won the first game.  You will see my little dance as you scroll down.  Dave won the next one.  He did not dance because he is not a loser like I am.

Nice outfit.

After the games room we went swimming for over an hour.  We had the pool to ourselves because it was 11 o'clock at night.  Awesome! I have never been to a place that kept the pool open after hours.  No pictures though, I am not a magic man that can take pictures and swim at the same time.  

The next morning we shuffled our tired asses over to the restaurant for our free breakfast.  It was early, but we paid for that shit.  Not going to let it go to waste.

Breakfast table.

That little turret to the left is where the restaurant is located.

Pretty waterfall.

There are no pictures of us at breakfast because we both looked pretty rough.  We had an amazing time though!  Next time we will have to stay for longer and hike the many beautiful trails they have.  

Next time, when there isn't so much wine involved.