Because Sometimes...

You don't feel like DINNER for dinner.

After a looooong week of work and, Dave and I came home and decided to just eat a plethora of little things.  Berries, sharp cheddar, gruyere, crackers, olives and beer,  Easy and delicious.  

Are you enjoying my over saturation of these pictures?  They looked better smaller.  Now they just look weird.  Sigh.  Too tired to go fix it so just put some sunglasses on and continue reading.

I could eat olives until I died of a heart attack.  All that oil running through my veins would cause a blockage and BLAMMO!, there I go.  But DDAAAAAMMMNNN.  I am half Macedonian and therefore I was born with an olive in my hand and passion in my heart.  Feta cheese and olives were my staple from 2-years-old and up.  My thighs thank me.

P.S- I believe Dave and I are going to develop an allergy to berries we eat so many of them.  And then Dave would die.  Not from the allergies, no, but because he is a berry boy.  His life would be over if he couldn't eat them anymore.  It would be a terrible thing I tell you, for the both of us.  I love them, but not like him.  See above for the love of my life.

Not sure if you guys know this, but for those of you who love the food combo of sweet and salty, the brand Smartfood has released a new sweet and salty flavoured popcorn.  Coming from the girl who used to sprinkle salt on her ice cream (I said USED TO), I can solidly tell you that I LOVE this.  So I went in search of them the other day.  I, of course, read the ingredients and found that although there aren't TOO many terrible things in the bag, I could do better.  And I DID.

All I did was use a bit of extra virgin olive oil in the pot (enough to cover the bottom), let it heat up. Pour the popcorn kernels in (about half a cup), and wait for them to sizzle.  I used granulated sugar (about a third of a cup or less) and poured it right over the popcorn while it was sizzling away.  I wonder if you could use a healthier brown sugar.  I will do the noble thing and be your food scientist on this one.  The sugar will melt into a liquid and the popcorn will pop like normal. Once it is done it is HOT from the melted sugar so don't touch it (your noble scientist learned that one the hard way).  Use your desired amount of salt and stir (in a big bowl) to add more salt.  Try to sprinkle with salt while it is still hot because the popcorn will cool and harden and have the same texture as caramel corn.

And there you go!  Much healthier than the bag as you can use your own desired amount of sugar and salt.  

It was soooo good.

This weekend will be full of coffee, bacon and eggs, bike rides in the park, and just relaxation in general.  I hope that everyone is enjoying life to the fullest and for those of us lucky enough to do so, appreciate your life EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

For those not so lucky, I think of you every day and send my positive thoughts your way.

Happy weekend everyone!