May 31, 2011

High Park: Part 2

We walked through the whole park just to find this tomb.  It is the Howard tomb, he who also has a road near the park named after him.  I don't know the history of the Howards at all.  I just know this be where they are buried!

I was still pretty sick while we were on this excursion.  At this point in our very long walk, I had already run out of steam.  My feet were dragging.  I wasn't lying when I said I was really sick.  I even went to the GASP!  I never, ever go to the doctor.  Not unless I am dying dudes.

Still found the energy to try and climb the fence.

Assessing my options here. do I get over this?

Yeah I don't think it's going to happen.  I have no trouble admitting defeat.

Look at this hot piece.  Dave is younger than me by three years.  I really am a cougar guys.

There is a restaurant right smack in the middle of the park, sort of in the woods.  They have a fire type oven that they make pizza in.  YUM!  This was our real destination all day.  Because with Dave, you need to come up with a destination.  He can't just go for a random walk or bike ride, we need to be GOING SOMEWHERE.  And you can't say "we are going for a walk down the block".  He needs a name of a place.  Weird-o.  Is this a guy thing or a weird Dave thing?

Cool picture.  I must have been sick.

Blackened chicken.  Although the chicken wasn't black at all.  They LIED.

It was still really good though!

For my Bioshock loving friends.  Anyone wanna go to Rapture?

We can have tea with Andrew Ryan.  Or a Big Daddy.

I love how green everything has become.  

I love it THIS much!

Nice face Dave.  Seriously...

The end.

High Park: Part 1

Oh man, it is the MOST beautiful day here in beautiful Toronto.  These pictures are not from this day, but that day was a good one too.

There is a giant park/ wooded area near where I live called High Park.  Love this place.  There is so much to do here: bike paths, foot paths, off leash areas for dogs, a restaurant, a park, petting zoo, fishing (not that I fish), plays in the park, and many little nooks and crannies to GET WASTED IN!  Just kidding.  I have never done that.  Although I did have a 'photo shoot' once here (who hasn't) where I wore a see through white dress and the sun shone just so that day....wanna know where that picture is hanging today?  On my friend's office wall.  At her office.  Where she works.  Boy oh boy.

So I have a crush on an 18-year-old actor.  Lord above.  He is a dancer too (hip hop!), and no kid should move like that and get us grannies all hot and bothered.  I was gushing to Dave about my little crush last night, and he pointed out that I seem to have crushes on young actors a lot.  I was all "WTF you say? This is the first!".  And he proceeded to list many, many more.  Conclusion: I AM A COUGAR.  I thought my sister was the only coug in the family.  Maybe we will join forces, as she is a seasoned vet and I am a noob. 
Hide yer kids folks!  This one is coming for them!

There was a couple getting engagement photos done just to the right of me in this picture.  I decided to steal the show.  Just kidding!  Although hopefully my antics got a good laugh out of them, and later they can tell their children, "Oh yes THIS photo!  Funny story...".

Super Coug to save the day.

I know you constantly wonder at my coolness.  I do too.  It just hovers all around me.  HA!

Oh yes, that's a nice one.

So is this I am a nerd.

May 29, 2011

OMG You Guys

It's been a while it feels like.  This shit cold and whatever the hell else I have has been continuously knocking me on my ass for almost two weeks.  I feel like I can be normal, you know, do normal things, so I do them.  And them KA-BLAMMO! I am done and need to sleep.  


So I went and visited my folks this weekend.  Dave's brother turned 40 and there was a big surprise party planned for him.  It was fun!  Tons of good food (which I didn't really eat...FUUUUUCK), and fun times. Also, I peaced out super early and didn't really say goodbye to anyone.  My favourite way to go.  Make an appearance, make everyone love you, and then make them all miss you.  Haha! That didn't happen, the missing part.  I just like to flatter myself.

We took the bus to the 'rents.  We still ghetto like that.  No fancy cars for these two bums.  My parents live about an hour outside of the city.  Look guys! Grass!

My beautiful sister.  My photo skills this weekend leave much to be desired.  Just wasn't into it for some reason.  

Funny, this video.  My sister and I are COMPLETE opposites when it comes to...oh, everything.  She makes sure she looks good, I don't give a shit.  We listen to VERY different music, meaning mine is good and hers is bad (just kidding Krista!).  One thing that my sister loves to do is play her music for me.  She knows I don't like it, but she gets all excited and is all "OMG! You NEED to hear this song!".  Her enthusiasm about it is what makes me not want to drag myself underneath the car.  

See?  I even dance a bit.  A little sick dance, just for you.

Aw look.  Princesses.

That's one sick, dirty princess.

Oh man, the hair.  This is what rain does to it.  And uh, not brushing it ever.

The day of the big surprise party.  Dave and I had to go on a reconnaissance mission to Future Shop because he needed to plug his external hard drive into a Mac.  He needed to email something to himself. I had to stand guard.  We looked like we were up to no good.

I came into two necklaces this weekend.  The camera one I bought for five dollah, and the key my mom gave me.  The key one is some bling I tell you.  Expensive, I love it.  Especially since I didn't have to pay for it.  Once we tell ourselves we deserve expensive things and believe it to be true, things come to you.  And why not?  We work our asses off to pay our bills and be responsible human beings.  Why wouldn't we deserve something nice every once in a while?

What do you say?  Do I need some sunshine or what?  My vampire-like, bruised looking skin is pretty, no?  Ugh.

And that's all she wrote.  Back to work tomorrow.  This sick-ation just flew by. Hope you all had a great weekend!

May 25, 2011

Toronto Goodlife Fitness Marathon

On May 15th of this year, Toronto held it's annual Goodlife Fitness Marathon.  My friend was taking part in the 5km walk for MADD.  That's Mother's Against Drunk Driving, for those not in the know.  This event was very close to her heart, and mine as well.  Having lost someone who was in my life for a long time that way (by a drunk driver) was extremely difficult, and the walk was a good way to remember how wonderful she was, and to support a good cause.  

I figured that I would stand on the sidelines and cheer them all on, but then I had a better thought...why don't I just do the walk with all the MADD supporters?  I only had a week left to register, but register I did.  For myself and Dave.

The morning of the walk, we walked to Keele subway station, stopping off at Tim Horton's for a coffee and a little breakfast.  See all of those things on the ground? Tree spit.  It had been raining for DAYS, and the trees were ready to pollenate (is that right? Do trees do that?), so instead of flying here there and everywhere, the crap stayed on the ground.  This stuff is killer to my allergies.  Wet tree spit.  My lungs are deflating just thinking about it.

Walking towards coffee.  I had been awake since 5:30AM for some reason.  Not sure why I woke up that early, but I could not get back to sleep once I had.  

Uh-ohs!  The storm the night before brought much wind.  Thank goodness the branches weren't any bigger.  I mean, for those people.

My t-shirt.  Or dress, it was so big.  Whatever.  It wasn't a fashion show.

Lots of runners/ walkers.  The people running the marathon came from all over the world to run this thing.  It was a 42km run.  I can't even imagine how long that would take.  And it rained all day.

It was really wet out there.

The really neat thing about this kind of thing is that they close down the streets from cars, streetcars, etc, and you get to walk through Toronto without all the craziness of traffic.  It allows you to really notice all of the buildings and things you wouldn't normally notice when walking quickly on a sidewalk.

Woohoo!  Canada runs for Japan!  Go boys!

I won a medal.  We all did.  

Hooo-eeee!  Look at that giant head of hair!  I love humidity and what it does to my hair.  Beautiful.  

I am really glad that I was able to take part in the walk.  It meant a lot to me.  It was something I will hold dear, knowing that I could share this with my friend and show my support.

Love you L!