Dec 21, 2011

Birthday Girl

I got this card in the mail.  It is the best card I have ever received...hands down.  Birthday is in 25 minutes!

Dec 6, 2011

Snow Watch 2011 Party

Hey dudes and ladies!  What's going on wit me you ask?  Why not a whole lot, except that Snow Watch 2011 is ON.  Check out last year's Snow Watch here.

Now I do have to say one thing here: this snow that I have captured on camera does not really count as snow watch 2011 being OVER.  It only snowed for an hour and then melted right away.  A for real snow watch has to stick on the ground for at least a day and has to be a certain amount.  Like last year, when I knew that Snow Watch 2010 was over.  So, it's not over yet, k?

Dec 1, 2011

Up To No Good-Abandoned House Edition

My sister and I have a hard on for abandoned houses.  Why? No idea.  Well maybe a little.  Because we like to scare the shit out of ourselves!  Walking into a house, especially one that still has people's belongings in it, always conjures up scary stories in my mind.  Who would just leave their belongings like that?  Why did no one want to buy the house?  What happened here?