Mar 30, 2012

Life's Lessons

Sometimes you have to take your life lessons from Marcel the Shell.  Seriously watch, unless you hate cute things and are an axe murderer.

And part two.  Watch until the end.  It's worth it.

If only we could all live like Marcel.

Life is Nuts Sometimes

These pictures are kind of killing me right now.  This was last week (or something like that), when it was 25 degrees (Celsius) here.  Dave and I went on our first ice cream date of the year.  Tomorrow it's supposed to snow.  

Mar 19, 2012

Life is Pretty Good

Do you guys remember this candy?  Bottle caps, yeah!  Dave and I saw them at the store the other night and I was all, whoa!  Blast from the past.  And then we bought them and realized they aren't that good. Wanna know why?  Because we are ADULTS now (shudder), and we don't like the super sugary taste of them. When did this happen?  When did we go from demon's foaming at the mouth at the thought of sugar, to people who say things like "I just CAN'T eat that.  It's TOO sweet".  God.

Mar 6, 2012

We Make Everything Fun

Yesterday was my quarterly check up with my vampire  blood doctor, so I had the day off from work.  Yay fun! I get to take a day off (that I had to work extra for even though I am on salary but whatever) to go and sit in a hospital all day! Whoa bitter.  Deep breath.  Sorry about that guys.