Sep 29, 2012

Hello Loves of My Life

I was going to write a post about how I have taken up running (I have only run twice, for like, 4 minutes at a time) but then I thought, that is so fucking boring. So I figured I would just write and see what comes out of this fortress of awesome that is me (I've also had three beers and no dinner so...).

Sep 26, 2012

No Junk Food Challenge: Day 22

Sep 24, 2012

What's Been Going On Around Town

I present to you a bit of a photo dump. None of this will have any coherence whatsoever, so you know, you have been warned.

Also, I keep seeing bugs crawling on me out of the corner of my eye today.  Tired, or an acid flashback?  Probably the latter....hopefully my skin won't start melting.

So yeah, where were we?  Two weekends ago, my mom and sister and mom's friend crossed the border into good old Niagara Falls, NY AKA my favorite place to be for shopping extravaganzas!  TARGET!  We were just passing Niagara Falls at this time, and it was super pretty.  It reminded me of 6 years ago (or so) when Dave and I went on a fun trip to Niagara Falls and played arcade games the whole time and ate fancy food and walked under the Falls.  We had a blast! We need to do that again...

Sep 23, 2012

No Junk Food Challenge: Days 17-19

I am happy to say that I am back on track! I felt so freaking guilty about that burger (why? Who the fuck knows right?) that I don't think I will back out on this challenge again until it is over.  I will see it through!

Honestly though, I think the important thing I have learned from all this is paying attention to my eating habits.  I was too quick to feed my emotional hunger instead of just paying attention to what was going on in my brain (I think too much) and even my body.  The cravings that I get at work are because I am stupid bored and want to fashion a noose and hang myself from a to prevent my untimely death, I would run to the candy store and buy some candy.  But my all time favourite thing to do on chilly nights was to curl up on the couch with Dave, blankets piled on top of us, watching a movie and eating some sort of junk food item that I craved.  Since those nights have been upon us for a while and we have already watched many a movie curled up and cozy, I haven't really missed the junk food part of it.  To be honest, I haven't even thought about it.

I also just realized that I haven't had a craving for sugar or junk food in a few days.  I didn't even realize it.  So there you go, maybe this challenge REALLY IS doing something for me.  I think that the real challenge will be afterwards, when I know I can have it all again.  I am curious to see if I dive back in there or if I am more wary of the shark infested waters.  We shall see.

Only ten more days to go!

Sep 19, 2012

No Junk Food Challenge: Day 15

Playdium Arcadium 2

Well shit! I don't even remember where I left off with this one. Oh right, we ate some ramen.  At Kenzo. And we were on our way to Playdium!  Got it now. 

Sometimes I just love downtown Toronto. It's awesome to walk around and look at all the different architecture.  If there is one thing about downtown T.O, is that no building is the same.  It's amazing.  Just don't walk and gaze too slowly or I will plow you! We tend to walk very fast around here, like, WHERE'S THE FIRE!!!???

Sep 12, 2012

Playdium Arcadium

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I had a little adventure that found us on our way to Playdium.  We had both never been there before, so we were pretty excited to start our day and play!  

No Junk Food Challenge:Day 8

Sep 11, 2012

A Day in the Life

Oh hey meet my cat. She is crazy. No for real she has anxiety issues. Diagnosed. But isn't she a cutie?  She could be a penguin and hatch an egg under that blanket of fat at her feet.  Bless her.

No Junk Food Challenge: Day 7

Sep 10, 2012

Because Sometimes We All Need To Cry Laugh

I DIED, when I saw this today. 


Their voices are so stupid! Haha!

I hope you all had a good laugh!  Thank for this one Dave!

No Junk Food Challenge: Day 6

Sep 7, 2012

No Junk Food Challenge: Day 3

Adieu Summer, Adieu

I feel like Fall is almost here.  It crept up on us this last week while it was still boiling hot and humid. I went outside onto my deck a couple of days ago and noticed that my wisteria leaves had turned yellow and were falling off.  I thought I had killed it! Until I looked over at the Virginia Creeper and saw that it's leaves had turned a beautiful shade of red.  WTF man? It's still 30C here! 

Sep 4, 2012

My Name is Kato and I Am A Junkie For Junk Food

I only wish I was kidding.  

Last Friday, as I sat at work, working away, my gaze kept wandering across the street to the candy store.  And as I sat there, working away, I thought "It would be nice to have a bit of candy to snack on. Just a little bit.  Just a taste".  And I grabbed my wallet to run across the street to indulge myself.