The Celebration of This Thing That is Great

by - February 08, 2013

Yesterday was mine and Dave's 8 year anniversary. So I baked a cake.  Kind of. I opened a package, cracked some eggs (got some shell in there too oops!) and modified the rest of the ingredients to make it more 'healthy'.

I'm pretty sure this color of red food coloring has Peta in an uproar. Something about how it's made from bugs? Who knows. Who cares?

Vibrant. Looks like I am baking Dave a delicious blood cake. Enjoy Dave mwahahahah. Where did the cats go mwahahaha.

That right there is Nutella. And guess what? it was scrumptious.With a diddley-umptious on the end.

I made a butter cream glaze and then we went to town.  Look at how proud I am.

Happy anniversary Dave!

And then there was this:

I am going to try and survive my walk home tonight. We got SO MUCH SNOW. I'd say around a foot, if not more. I am not looking forward to least I am not driving.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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