Be Open-Minded...Life Can Take You Anywhere

by - March 03, 2013

Had a pretty fun night last night.  John and I decided to meet up downtown and catch up, and as usual, when the two of us get together, shit get's GOOD.

Haha, cool face John.  I love this guy.  

I wanted to grab some dinner and beer somewhere, I didn't really care where, but because we were right in the heart of downtown, everything was a 45 minute wait.  And I was starving.  So we settled on the Hardrock Cafe, of which I am not a huge fan, but whatever, they did the trick.  

We shared some nachos, which were disgustingly good.  Disgusting because they used actual nacho cheese, like the kind you would ladle over your chips at your local corner store.  That stuff is SIIICCCKKK, but oh so good. I haven't had that stuff since I was 15?  Good old processed cheese, making my mind and heart feel fine.  Comfort food=the death of me. Also, it looks like vomit, FYI.

It was so effing cold last night.  Why we decided it was a great idea to leave the Hardrock and go elsewhere, I will never know.  But I am so glad we did! Because we ended up in a pretty awesome place.  So much fun.

Yonge-Dundas Square.  The scene of the Bad Religion concert I went to back in the Summer.  Best concert ever.

Sometimes I love walking around downtown.  I don't usually like crowds or craziness and downtown embodies both of those things.  But every once in a while (alcohol helps), I really enjoy being in the middle of it all.  

Oh look, my new place of work.  Just kidding.  I would never be ballsy/ cool/ amazing enough to work at a strip club.  Those girls are brave, strong souls.  

The show never stops! They have the prescription to my winter blues! We should have gone in there John! 

Burned out.  Kind of like everyone in this city.

Part two coming soon.  I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!

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