Family is Everything

by - March 29, 2013

I hadn't seen my parents since Christmas...I figured it was time. As soon as I got there I went straight for the wine.  My dad drank some with me so I wasn't alone.

I'm not going to lie, it has been very stressful for my parents, and therefore for us, lately. Sometimes, I feel like my sister and I are the parents; not because my folks are irresponsible, but because we are so stressed out for them and don't know what to do, don't know how to help, or can't help.

Their plan to slow it down a little, to relax after working so frigging hard their entire lives, is not working out so well. Nobody could have imagined that my dad would have to get heart surgery, and that he would suffer a heart attack a few months later. No one thought that it would be as hard as it was to find jobs...or that my dad would be out for the count in even being able to work. Also, no one tells you how depressed people (especially men) become after they undergo heart takes you down a whole lot of notches, makes you feel like less of a man because it feels like you can't DO ANYTHING anymore. And this is where my dad is in his recovery; the super depressed stage. And because he is a typical European man, that means he is miserable (sorry to everyone I may have offended, but to the rest of you, you know what I am talking about!). My mom well...she is back to working her ass off, and she could use a get out of jail free card right about now.

It could always be worse, is what I tell myself, constantly it seems.

But family is important, and stressful times or not, we all do our best to stick together.

We decided to take my parents out for dinner, to take a load off. So we went to one of my favourite places (in the off season), Niagara Falls.

Who doesn't like a place that has tons of video games, moving theaters, haunted houses, wax museums, and general kitsch? Not to mention the falls, the pretty falls...and the amount of suicides! Can't forget those!

After dinner we went to Sugar Mountain to buy some candy and I found these gems. WTF? Incredibly random Cyndi Lauper trading cards. There weren't any other 80s princess/ punk trading cards, just Cyndi Lauper. Interesting.

Oh dear.

Oh right, and these. SICK! It was pretty hilarious because my sister and I were running around all excited asking "Remember these?!!!" and when I stopped for a second and looked around I realized my parents were doing the same thing to each other. Pretty cute. They had all kinds of candy, from a gazillion years ago, it seems.

This inspired me to watch the Breakfast Club the other day. I love that cheesy movie, I do.

I wish that I could for real wish on Zoltar to be small again, like Tom Hanks does at the end of the movie. Only I would want to know then, what I know now. So I could plan my life accordingly. Wouldn't it be great to have retrospect BEFORE things happened?

I picked up this game at the candy store. I am sure a lot of you know what it is, but if you don't, it's Jelly Belly jelly beans in different flavours, only the yummy flavours are mixed with ones like canned dog food, barf, snot, baby wipes (SOOOOOO GROSS!), centipede, etc, and you never know which one you are going to get. I am not sure how they freaking do it, but they make them taste EXACTLY how all those things smell. Genius I tell you! Disgusting genius!

We all went home and played. And it was hilarious to see the old people's reactions haha! Every time my sister and I ate a gross one we went around and made everyone smell our breath. A) because we are beastly children, and b) our breath was the appetizer to what was coming for them, and that made it even funnier.

My sister and I watched the movie Sinister together, and although it wasn't crazy scary, I got next to no sleep that night because I had to sleep in the man cave, which is a room with wrap around windows, and it was dark outside and I was TERRIFIED! So this coffee was very much appreciated the next morning.

Speaking of terrified, Bailey was afraid of me every time I raised my camera to take a picture of her. Weird dog. Look at her...terrified! I love that sack of potatoes, I really do!

There we go. I let her smell it and she came around a bit. Animals are funny. All in all it ended up being a good weekend, and it was really nice to see my folks. I get to see them this weekend again because of Easter dinner, so that's exciting! Also, Krista and I found another abandoned place that we want to explore.  Here's hoping we find a way in...Dave will be with us this time so I expect a lot of whimpering and whatever else it is that people do when they are scared. Haha! Just kidding Dave, I love you. You can stay in the car and be our lookout. We'll come up with a secret whistle and that'll keep you happy.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy it!!

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