Monthly Goals and a Recap of February

by - March 15, 2013

Well oh dear! Isn't this post just a wee bit overdue hmmm?

Yeah yeah, pancakes in February delicious yum good.

So my goals for February? Completed some, failed at others.  Just wait until my March goals come around...failing MISERABLY at those! Can' wait, makes me feel good! Actually, I mostly don't care. And that's why I will never be or do anything amazing in this life, I am too blase about everything. Too laid back, too mediocre, not enough drive, blah blah.  God, that was the most depressing thing I have ever said about myself.

First goal: Read The Casual Vacancy. YAY! I did this one! And it was really good, I quite enjoyed it.  She paints the best pictures of things, you know?

Second goal: Work out 12 times.  NOOOO. I only worked out 6 times. 6!!! In an entire month! To be fair now, it only had 28 days in it so the ratio and all that, you know how it is. Whatever.  Warm weather is coming and when it gets warm I can barely eat anything but strawberries anyway so all will be fine soon enough. Plus, I like my belly paunch. I'm like a beer guzzling, chainsaw wielding man.

Goal numero three:  Write 10,000 words of my story.  Only got to 8562, but that was good enough for me.

Goal 4: Go out for Indian. DONE.  No failures here.  None at all.

5: Try to have $500 saved for Montreal. NADA! To be fair though, I did lose my freaking job, and Dave and I decided not to go to Montreal at this time.  It would be irresponsible  to do so.  On the plus side, the money I did have saved has carried us through the first 2 weeks of my joblessness, so yay! It was like a fail but then a win.

6: try to complete Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 with no breaks. DUH, nope. I only worked out for 6 days remember?

With the best attitude under the sun, I fear I will not fare better for March with my goals.  We will see. This post has lit a fire under my ass so here I go with achieving everything!!  

All in all though, February was a pretty good month: breakfasts made for me a plenty, our 8 year anniversary, LOTS AND LOTS of snow, smoothies, video games, dancing the night away with my sister in London, visiting my brother and his cute pregnant wife, losing my I said, a pretty good month! And no, I am not being sarcastic about the last one...I am excited for what comes next!

These days I am having a love affair with my couch.  The cats all position themselves around me so that I cannot move, it's like a force field of cat.  And I am perfectly fine with this. I will get bored of this soon enough and do something different. 

As for right now, I am enjoying these lazy days, these days of getting caught up on years of missed shows. And there is A LOT to see! Wow.  What have I been doing all this time? I should have been laid off a long time ago! Or hey! Instead of living my life and having fun, I should have just stayed in and watched everything I am now watching!

I could get used to this you know. No, probably not. I just wanted to end it sounding poetic.

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