Up To No Good: Abandoned Barn Edition Part 1

by - March 26, 2013

Cool face. But seriously, I had no idea my hair looked like that. I was psychically miffed at my hair.

THIS HOUSE HATES US.  This was our, what? 6th or 7th time trying to get in? Damn it! WHY? Also, I am not very good at reading universe signs...does this mean we should stay out? We went around the back to the window that we climbed into last time (that only led to an attached garage/ shed) and someone boarded it up. What the eff? Whose frigging house is this?!!

Ahhhh....but this was NOT boarded up.

First things first: to try and infiltrate this beast one more time. 

It was really cold. This does not prove how cold it was. The wind was biting.

Wells all over the property.  Cool cover for them, that's not dangerous at all!

It was really cold! Or I had to pee. I think both.

Hello new abandoned building to explore! Your stupid house friend is being stupid so we will enter you instead. Why would someone go to all the trouble to secure an abandoned house? We went back to the first one we explored (which was one of the best!), and that one had been locked up tight too. Are there abandoned house police?

Giving it another shot.  It had been nailed shut from the inside. This is the door I was able to open (after climbing through the window) when we got in last summer.  Strange.

Another genius well cover.

Starting the trek.  This is an exciting part for me. You never know what you are going to find once you get there, what strange thing you are going to need to climb up or into, if it's even safe enough to try.  Also, DEAD THINGS.

Weird shack in the middle of a huge field. Maybe an old outhouse? Or maybe they locked their kids up in it on a cold winter's night and now their ghosts are haunting the nearby barn. Maybe.

House in the distance. That damn house.

Inside the shack. Not sure what any of that is. 

What do you think we found in the barn? Or in the abandoned boat that was close to the barn? 

You'll see!!

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