by - March 13, 2013

I went off and had a little wandering adventure today.  Ok fine.  I had to go buy toilet paper and deodorant.  Same diff.

This was my face as I got dressed to go out there; I was kind of excited for my long walk!

And then this was my face when I remembered I had to go out there.  It was snowing, and dreary, and dismal. Mother Nature obviously has the mensies.

But I tied up my boots and squared my shoulders and got my ass moving.  And it was really nice. It turned out not to be too cold out either.

Beside's the fact that it looks like someone's dirty asshole out there right now, I quite enjoyed my walk. I had music to listen to, and nowhere to be.  When I first started out, I was walking at my usual running pace, but I forced myself to slow down.  To stroll.  Because I can.  Before, in my past life, I was always running somewhere, mostly to work. Now, I can just chill and enjoy the scenery.  The dirty scenery.

Oh why thank you...I don't know what to say....

It's like a pool of dirt and snow.  Anyone want to jump in?

Winter berries still hanging around. NOT FOR LONG BITCHES!!

This house intrigues me. I want to know what the lay out is like inside.  How big can the rooms be if it is this shape? Someone just tell me!!

Oh hello sad cat on the porch. In a homeless person's box home.

Haha! I wanted to take a picture of what my 'walking around' face looks like.  Anyone else do this? How am I to possibly know how others perceive me? So, I took a picture.  And I look like a serious thinker.  Or a worried freak of nature? Not sure here. I was listening to Johnny Cash at that moment...maybe he makes my face like this.

Puddle picture.  It's so gross when the snow melts away and all the garbage that has accumulated over the winter shows itself and the city is ugly.  City workers have not yet had the chance to come and clean it up (or property owners, whoever).  My sister saw a dead raccoon that had most likely been buried in a snow bank all winter.  And then it melted and there it was. SURPRISE!

It was trying.  It was trying so hard.

False advertising.  I think I'll sue.

The things you see when you take the time to look.  I think your boob is falling off!

Church yard looks inviting and pretty. Too bad if I step foot on the grounds I will burst into flame. Just kidding! Although there was that one time that I dipped my fingers into a holy water font and blue sparks erupted from the tips of my fingers. Not lying, I swear.

See? Pretty.


And then the sun came out for 2.5 seconds.  Yay! Daily dose of vitamin D.

I ended my walk with treating myself to lunch (at Tim Hortons, I am poor now).  It was nice sitting in there by myself, eating my bagel and drinking my coffee (roll up the rim woohoo!), listening to two dudes beside me complaining about their $80,000 a year jobs and how they wish the company cars they were given were trucks instead of just a lame ass car.  I smiled to myself as I sipped my coffee because I am no longer a part of that world.  

At least for now anyway.

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