American Graffiti

by - April 19, 2013

It was 28C here yesterday (82F), it was crazy. Especially since it might snow overnight tonight. I mean, it probably won't, but it is going to be chilly enough that it might.

I went and picked Dave up from work, and the plan was to go home and barbecue and beer it up.

Except that this happened in a matter of seconds. 

We still busted it home in the hopes that we would have enough time to open a beer, drink it fast and get our burgers on the barbecue and inside before it all started.

No such luck. As soon as we went out there, downpour city. I drank from inside while Dave stood under an umbrella and cooked our dinner. Sigh. Canadian weather I tell you. It was sunny and hot almost, all day, and then the rain came. And today, it rained alllll day, and now it is bright and sunny. Sheesh.

At least I got one day in without my winter jacket. I felt naked and light on my feet. I may just refuse to put the thing back on, but hopefully, I won't need to!

Happy Friday folks!

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