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by - April 08, 2013

Well oh dear! It has been a while hasn't it? I have been busy watching The O.C from start to finish trying to figure out my shit. And I can happily say that after a month of sitting on my butt and feeling useless (which was VERY enjoyable I might add), I have developed a routine I am quite pleased with.

What have I been doing you ask? I have been forcing myself to go outside at least once a day, rain or shine. To take a walk, to stop and smell the flowers. Because in the last 6 years that I have been cooped up inside an office, this is what I dreamed of. To have this opportunity. It won't last forever! This gal is going to need to get a job at some point, so I need to enjoy it while I can.

I have also spent the last month trying to REALLY figure out what direction to take with my life. I don't want to just get another random job and be stuck in that for another 6 years. Do you know how hard it is to try and THINK of something to do with yourself when you have never really known? I eventually just narrowed down the things I was interested in and chose a life path from there. Sounds crazy I know, but hey, crazy is my middle name.

I also had to sort out all my lay off drama, tie up all the loose paperwork if you will.  There were a lot of highs and lows associated with this as I learned the hard way that something like this is never just easy. I received a severance package when I got laid off which was great. The amount that I got was more than enough to get me through until I got my first unemployment check from the government. But, my severance was taxed close to HALF by the government, which brought the total down to panic level. I was laid off on February 25th and won't get my first EI check until the end of May because they expect you to live off of your severance until then. All of these things were scary and worrisome, but there are worse things in life and we will pull through. We have each other and that's what matters.

I also schlepped my ass to a Service Canada to hand in my record of employment only to be told that I didn't need to hand it in, it had been submitted electronically by my former company. But it was my former company who told me I needed to go down there and hand it in. Sigh. It was a really long walk, and my knee hurt. I screwed it up at some point, but it's all better now.

I've been cooking more and working out more. These are things that make me happy.

It has finally been feeling like Spring around here lately. The sun has been shining (except for today) and it has done amazing things to my mood. Today though, we had a thunderstorm. The first of the season, and it made me very happy!

I've been walking to Dave's work everyday, to walk home with him at the end of the day. It gets me out of the house, gets me some extra exercise, and I like the walk.  And he did it for me everyday, only he got up early in the morning to walk me to work. I'm not that nice...I enjoy staying in bed.

This was from today. I have completely lost interest in this blog post on account of how I am NOT liking the Total Recall remake that Dave put on and has since fallen asleep to. I am a true original Total Recall fan, and this remake is not doing it for me. Even though I kind of despise Arnold Swarzenegger (sorry action fans who don't like riveting dialogue!), Colin Farrell is not he. And that is just weird to me.

Talk to you soon sports fans!

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