Fun Times in London Town: 2

by - April 13, 2013

Back to the night, where everytang was all right.

Look at snow on the ground in February but you best BELIEVE there is snow on the ground right now, in the middle of April.

We went here to eat. I don't even remember what I had. I think Krista and I shared a pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries. Yes, that's right. It was good, but I don't like my pulled pork sweet and that sandwich was sweet. I like the savoury and have never really been able to find a savoury pulled pork sammie. Suggestions Torontonians?

My sister thinks she needs botox. She does. In her BRAIN! Plus, you are 38-years-old my sweet sister, one wrinkle will not do you in I promise. Also, if you DO get botox, then I will see how good you look and I will want it to because you will have broken the ice with cosmetic procedures and next thing you know I have giant boobs, a new butt and a face that doesn't move ever.

Favourite part of the night. Everyone takes notes to see who has the balls to get out on the dance floor first. Ahhh yes, youth. When you get old like us, you don't care one iota about how stupid you look and you just go for it. Meaning: I have the biggest balls I win!

It was fun, it always is, but sometimes I wish I could be a giant snob and hand pick the people who can stay and those who should leave. Krista had a few drinks spilled on her, I had a stiletto jammed into the top of my foot as well as a swift karate kick to my ankle. There was a girl and a guy SO drunk that they couldn't stand up, were stumbling all over the place, yet felt the need to double fist some drinks and go dance on the dance floor. While wrapped around each other. That is a feat while not drunk, so you can imagine the crazy that happened with THAT. When all sense of space is gone and things are getting messy, usually around 1AM, it's time to go before the Kato Hulk awakens. Look you can see me starting to transform below, you know, the green. Ugh, bad.

When we left it was a snow globe outside. It was snowing so perfectly, and I was so happy to be going back to our hotel and the warm comfy bed that was waiting, that I couldn't help but smile while I limped my ass back there (my ankle bruised the next day, stupid person who karate kicked me!)

The next morning we did our ritual of having breakfast with my brother and Sara. And look at how EFFING cute she is! So excited for her to pop, my niece or nephew is in there!

Best breakfast place in town, even if you are greeted at the door by this thing.

Hey Krista, I think we need to plan one of these nights again soon!

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