Fun Times in London Town

by - April 10, 2013

I totally forgot about this post! This was the weekend my sister and I went to London to party it up back in February. Actually, this was the weekend right before I got the boot from work. Haha! Oh dear.

Awww, looking at these pictures is going to make me sad.  It will be awhile before we can do something like this again. 

Probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. We got home late and I crashed HARD. Like, completely engulfed in blankets and pillows and floating on a cloud crashed. cats to disturb me (or boyfriend snores).

Oh boy.

Well hey now, c'mon.

It was at this moment that we heard someone trying to get into our room with a room key. We had the arm thingy (like a chain) on, but they were still able to use a key and open the door until the arm stopped them. Instead of opening the door and being like hello? this is our home tonight, we stood on the other side of  the door listening to their confusion as to why they couldn't get in and giggling. That sounds incredibly mean when you see it on paper (?) like that, but we didn't leave them hanging for to long. They were honestly so confused as to what could have been 'blocking' the door and were discussing ways to take it off it's hinges.

I finally opened the door and there was a bell hop out there and he explained that they gave our room to these people by accident, and therefore our room key had been cancelled. No biggie, we didn't have to change rooms or anything, I just had to go down and get another set of room keys.

Also, they gave us a complementary bottle of wine. Sah-weet!

Time to get ready for the best dive 80s bar ever!

Which means changing my shirt. That's it. Phew, that was a lot of work.

We are ready for some party action. Not so much for the gross dudes that come along with it, but hey, Krista can take a few for the team, she's single.

How did our night pan out? Stay tuned! I mean, if you care.

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