I Don't Know What Day It Is Anymore

by - May 27, 2013

Thank god Dave is a patient man.  Whenever I see a photo opportunity I'm like, "Take a thousand pictures of me!".  Not because I want a thousand pictures of myself, but because I see the moment and I want to capture it.  I just always happen to be the subject. Ok fine, I am a conceited douche bag.

So dudes and dudettes, what has been happening in my part of the world? Not much blogging, this is clear. I apologize for that...my life has been swallowed up by school and running and all things nutritious and good for you. At least, starting tomorrow anyway. The giant ice cream cone I had tonight was the LAST thing I swear.

We finally got around to buying a NutriBullet. Those things are the shit! As a side note, (also a tooting my own horn note), Dave and I went into a health store on the weekend and asked the woman working there a few questions and I knew more than she did. Not judging or being mean about it, I was just proud that my school knowledge is sticking in this goopy mass I call my brain. Anyway, the NutriBullet. You can juice everything in there, even the kitchen sink. But what we were most excited about finding out is that you can make your own nut butter. Haha! Yeah, that's right. Nut butter. Why am I a 10-year-old boy? My mind always goes to the gutter...it lives there.

My landlord is doing more renovations on my apartment. Which means that his friends are in and out of my apartment every day, all day. Yeah...his friends. He doesn't hire professionals to do the work, just his friends. Which means that something that should take a day or two ends up taking a couple of weeks. It has been two weeks already; we are in to our third week now. For something that should have taken 2-3 days. I am going to flip my shit very soon if this isn't done by the weekend. I shouldn't hold my breath, it won't happen, but a girl can dream. It's hard to study, and hard to do anything when there are strangers in your home, especially in your only bathroom that you don't have access to for 8-10 hours a day. I dehydrate myself all day so that I don't have to go pee, because I can't. Anyway, enough of my whining. I just hope my next post isn't being written to you from prison. 

My EI fiasco was finally sorted out. Which means I got paid last week, but only a weeks worth. My first real payment will be next week. Which means that the whole EI process took just over 3 months for me to see any (of my own!) money. It was so stressful having to call everyday and have every person tell you completely different information from the next. But, the fact that I called every single day, sometimes twice a day, for a month, is what finally made them clear the bullshit up for me. Also, did you guys know that there is actually a place where you can complain about Service Canada? Most likely you didn't, because the people who work for Service Canada aren't allowed to tell you about it. Company policy. It's called The Office for Client Satisfaction and the phone number is 1-866-506-6806. Actually, it was two days after I called them and complained that my issue was resolved on my file...so maybe the system does work. Or maybe it was a coincidence, ha!

I can't wait for my house to go back to normal, to finally be getting consistent payments from EI, and to start enjoying my Summer. I know the things I am complaining about aren't the end of the world, so at least there is that. I know I am lucky in this life. 

Looking forward to picking up some nutritious ingredients for the NutriBullet tomorrow, such an awesome way to get all your vitamins and macronutrients. I have always said that I would rather drink all my meals...now my dream can come true! I'm kidding of course :)

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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