Life is Meant to Be Lived

by - May 03, 2013

Well shit! It's been forever since I posted last. Believe me though, there has been NADA to tell. I have done literally nothing but school and sit on my ass due to lack of funds for fun. Do you know how much that SUCKS? My severance has run out already, since I got next to nothing after tax, and I had to live off of it for three months. THREE MONTHS! Let me just say that the amount that I made at my job in 3 months was over half of what I had to live off of from my severance. I'm not sure who makes the rules in this country, but they suck. I should be getting my first EI cheque in the middle of May, but we will see, as my ex place of work fucked up on my ROEs (surprising) and I may not get my money for a while yet. SIGH.  Ok, rant over.

The weather around here went from being cold and snowy to tropical death hot in a matter of a week or two (not complaining here!). The trees and flowers have all exploded into bloom, and my deck is ready for any willing party participants who like to drink and share wine. Come on over friends!

This really wasn't that long ago.

To this...ahhh. Dave and I have been running so much lately, enjoying this gorgeous running weather. We even go when it's raining...that's how hardcore we have become about it. I think I have found my new exercise. I lost 29 pounds with Jillian Michael's 2 or so years ago, but then I plateaued. I knew I would have to step up my game eventually, and I am glad that I found something I like to do. Because honestly, exercising is NOT fun. So when you find something you like, stick to it for as long as you can!

We had our first ice cream date of the season a few nights ago. I always mark this occasion because it always means the start of summertime for us, or at least warmer weather. It has been hot here for the past week, and I am loving it.

I can't wait until I start getting EI. I mean, what a perfect time of year to get paid to do nothing. I'm not saying that in an asshole ungrateful way; I am glad we have a system in place in Canada to help people who are out of work. I have been paying into it since I started working a thousand years ago, so damn it if I am not going to use it and chill while I do. When I was working my ass off for the past forever, I used to dream of a situation like this, where I could relax and do what interested me, while money still came in. I plan to make the most of it. It's not a whole lot, but who needs a lot of money? As long as I am happy right? And right now I am. The time will come soon enough when I need to get out there and find a job, but for right now I have a whole summer before me of beer and barbecue and enjoying this city and my friends to the fullest.

Life is pretty good, even when it feels stressful and like things aren't going your way. They will eventually, it just takes patience. I heard a saying somewhere that we are never given more than we can handle, and I believe that. So, try to do something for yourself today that makes you happy: have a glass of wine, eat a cupcake, go for a run if that's your thing, or buy yourself that something you have been eyeing for a while. Life is meant to be lived right? So live it!

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