Springtime Adventures: Part 2

by - June 28, 2013

I have decided I really don't like this dress. It's so....BORING. And then I stick myself next to cartoon cows and pigs and it just all goes to hell.

So where were we? Right, at Downey's. I love their version of the Christmas tree. In the winter this is all lit up like a giant whimsical tree, and in the fall they line it from top to bottom with jack o'lanterns. You can't help but love Downey's.

And their pumpkin donuts. So good and fresh and buttery delicious. There are night walks through a huge corn maze here at Halloween, and you get these along with a hot chocolate/ coffee. I think this will happen this October if it kills me.

We felt like going for a drive, somewhere pretty, so we were looking up places to go and explore.

Decided on the Forks of the Credit. It's so pretty just to drive along these twisty roads and feel like you are in the Hundred Acre Woods. 

We came upon this pretty river (the same one that gave me beaver fever, no NOT BIEBER fever assholes), and here is where the dress fiasco occurred. We needed to get down a steep embankment to get to the river, so I let Dave go first. I took my first step onto that embankment and WHOOSH! I was gone. I felt my legs fly up into the air in front of me, and I slid down that slope like I meant it. And my dress, my stupid dress, pulled up all the way around my waist so that I was sliding down the rocky cliff on my BARE ASS. Cool.

When Dave finally reached me and helped me up at the bottom, I stood up and proceeded to frantically lift my dress over my head to try and see if my ass and legs were as bloodied and bruised as they felt. Except that there was a family of ten sitting right there, and I had just exposed myself to all of them. Neat! Never mind that Dave kept telling me this, it's like my brain wasn't hearing that 100 people were seeing me with my dress over my head. Sigh. Oh well. 

I did take a picture of my hurt hand for you, but not my butt. Next time. I guarantee you there will be a next time. It is noteworthy to say that a few days after this my sister went to the movies with a friend, but they went into the wrong movie. So as she got up to check if there were any seats left in the theater they were supposed to be in, she fell down the stairs. Like, ROLLED all the way down the stairs. HAHAHAHA! Every time I think about it I laugh and laugh. She did sprain her ankle pretty badly, which isn't funny, but oh dear the rolling down the stairs is. We have balance problems in this family, clearly.

It was worth the ass slide to the bottom.

And what a perfect excuse, my aching bottom that is, to share a banana split? This was the first time I had ever had one, I think Dave as well. We weren't that impressed. It was good, but not exceptionally good.

And because I am abnormal, I insisted on taking a picture of our loot from Downey's. Pickled asparagus (so yummy!), fancy mustard for Dave, and sauerkraut, which I had never had before and now love a lot (it's also very good for digestion! Eat a spoonful or two before you eat. This is the nutritionist-in-training talking!).

Oh right, the not so good wine. Which we were assured over and over that it was very dry and not sweet at all. Which was a LIE. Maybe we just really don't like sweet stuff around here anymore. Well, except for that pie that I devoured myself in a matter of two days. 

Long weekend this weekend! Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians, and happy Pride to all the lovely gays/ lesbians/ trannies that I love!

This weekend I am spending time with family, attending a Canada Day party, and hopefully spending time at the beach (if the weather allows it). 

Have a good one everyone!

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