Springtime Adventures

by - June 19, 2013

A few weeks ago, Dave and I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous Spring weather and go on an adventure. And so we did.

Look mom, I'm wearing a dress. Your dream of me finally becoming a girl has come true. HA! NEVER! Just wait and see what happens to me later in this dress. SIGH.

It was hot on this day. Super hot. I think it took everyone by surprise how hot it was. And now it's back to feeling like early Fall most of the time around here.  Canada....you never know what kind of weather you are going to get.

The ghost of Winter past....

He looks like a mountain man. I love him.

We decided to take a scenic drive to Downey's Farm.  I have talked about it before on here, but it is essentially an awesome place that has fresh fruits and veggies, pies, donuts, fudge, and knick knack type country stuff that I love to look at, but will never buy. I hate knick knacks.

It's all just so quaint. 

I look like I belong in my long dress.  How prim and proper of me.

I do believe I need one of these. The thought of it makes me feel like I would be warm and cozy in the shitty winter time with my brown sugar and spice hot pad. 

Lord have mercy. This is the kind of shit I hate, but like. I'm strange.

I need 20 of these for my back deck. We have a wasp problem...for the whole 5 years we have been living here. I wonder if they are actually tricked by these? I wouldn't want to trap them and kill them, just scare them away. Like, LOOK AT MY GIANT NEST ASSHOLES. STAY AWAY.

I see you behind the mesh, you delicious pumpkin donut you.

These pies make me cry. They are god's gift to my life. Yes, these pies, and only these pies. We chose a strawberry rhubarb crumble. And my inner fat man cried a thousand tears of happiness. I ate the whole thing to myself too...in two days.

Choosing wine.  I chose unwisely and picked a fruit wine. Why I thought we would like that, I have no clue. Maybe I was in a pie reverie or something. 

The dress fiasco and a lot of green foliage, up next.

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