Fete du Canada

by - July 17, 2013

So yeah, behind in my posting blah blah. On Canada Day, we went to my bros' in laws for an awesome Canada Day party. I love that family, they are honestly so fun.

The proud grandfather. He suddenly turned into a super Macedonian old man, coddling and cooing to that kid like crazy. Crazy Europeans.

Family portrait. Why I look like I have something stuck up my ass, I have no idea. It's like I don't belong in the family. Oh that's right, I was adopted. I wasn't really, it's just a joke in my family. I have really bad middle child syndrome. Nobody loves me. Hahaha!

God damn his face kills me.

My little professor.

Teta Kiki. Yup.

Pretty sweet turnout. I didn't even drink and it was a blast!

Oh hey there sister. When the food came out she was like "Go get me a plate??" (picture it in a whiny voice though). Man, nothing has changed. Nothing. Well, one thing has...I usually answer with FUCK OFF. Just kidding! We don't talk to each other that way. Well, we do, but in jest. My cousin heard Krista ask that and she laughed. Because she knows...she has an older sister too.

I love them. I love you Kefo!

My brother's father-in-law (who I love), gave me a giant bag of mint that was growing in his garden and it was the best gift ever. I made a million strawberry mint smoothies, so thank you!!

Later on, Krista and I decided to go for a walk down to the canal near my parents house, which led us to exploring an abandoned factory. Which we will all enjoy in a separate post!

Errr....I think this was the next day. I am wearing different clothes. 

Canal Canada Day celebrations. Good times. So much food that I always resist. One day I won't, mark my words food!

Memorial. The person's details was on a plaque in front of the tree. That I didn't take a picture of.

Gross stinky water. This has turned into a super exciting post. Jesus.

OOh look! It's me! And the factory in the distance.! Ok, I have completely lost interest in this post.

How is everyone surviving this heat wave? Those of you experiencing it I mean. The temperature in Toronto today is 34C (93F), but with the humidity it feels like 42C (107F). Not cool Mother Nature, not cool.

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