Massive Toronto Storm

by - July 12, 2013

Meanwhile in Toronto this week...

All photos have been borrowed by BlogTO. Please read their version of events here. Also, please don't sue me anyone!

On Monday July 8th, Toronto was hit with a pretty frigging epic storm. 90 millimetres of rain fell in less than 2 hours. To give you a perspective of how much rain that is, for the entire month of July, on average, Toronto gets around 75 millimetres of rain, and 90 fell in less than 2 hours. Crazy!

Naturally, Toronto could not take that much water, and inevitably, flooding happened. Lots of it. 

These poor people were trapped on a GO Train. I would have been the one in the corner, eyes closed, breathing in and out and trying and failing not to panic.

The Don Valley Parkway completely flooded.

Sewers couldn't deal with the deluge of rain, and the water flowing under the city burst up through storm drains like geysers.

Cars were abandoned under downtown bridges and elsewhere, as the water rose to roof level, leaving them to bob up and down like toys in a bathtub.

People were stranded when almost the entire city's transit system was brought to a halt due to flooding and blackouts. Over 300, 000 people were without power, some for a couple of days.

Queen's Park subway station. I would have been terrified to be underground when this was happening.

Water levels rising on a bus.

Trains were inoperable.

Kind of nuts right?

Thankfully no one was hurt. I was so grateful that my sister and Dave had already made it home from work that evening. Dave and I were perfectly fine; we still had power and the only thing that flooded was our bathroom, and I am surprised it wasn't worse than it was. My sister was without power all night, which I am sure sucked because the temperature felt like it was 38C (100.4F) with the humidity (it was hard to breath it was so humid). I really felt for everyone who lost their power that was WAY too hot to have to deal with that on top of all the flooding. Cell phone service was terrible as well, not sure if it was because everyone in the city was texting their aunt in Timbuktu (think NYE), or if the storm was affecting it, but it was difficult to call anyone and receive calls. Five days later and all is back to normal it seems...hopefully that kind of craziness doesn't happen again.

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