The James

by - July 12, 2013

At this point, these pictures seem so old! It really is crazy how fast they grow as babies.

But here he is, my nephew, my love, James.

He is such a sweet, happy, calm baby. He just likes to hang out, you know. Like his aunt Kato.

My old man.

For those of you who have had the pleasure of becoming an aunt/ uncle...isn't it the greatest thing in the world? I don't want to gush too much about it, but it really is something special.

Fart face.

His other proud aunt, Aunty Kita.

Scrappy, you are gorgeous and adorable too! We still love you just as much!

It's weird to see my 'baby' brother with a child. He is a natural it seems, and he already seems changed as a father, more mellow. 

On our way home from London, we had to contend with this:

I was pretty nervous. But we mostly out ran it. Exciting!

And there you have it! Little baby James is here and I am smitten with him.  Who knew that my life would completely change when this little guy came into the world?

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