Up To No Good: Abandoned Factory Edition

by - July 22, 2013

Near my parents house, by the canal, stand two abandoned factories in the distance. Well, technically only one, I think. But they have been enticing us for the past year and a half now, to come explore!

Dead tracks. They look like they haven't been used in forever. 

Oh look! My shoes.

I couldn't find a whole lot of info on these factories. I found that the one we explored (the one on the right) was an old grain factory, built in 1908 to store wheat shipped from the Prairies. There was an explosion in 1919 that killed 10 people, and blew out the windows of the houses that were close by (probably my parents house!)

It was strange because it looked very dilapidated and unused, but the factory right beside it looked like there was still some activity happening. I am not 100% sure though! Although there was a security guard standing RIGHT THERE that we had to Mission Impossible our way around. It was pretty funny, we most likely looked like idiots.

I see you've done this before. Scandalous. 

What an awesome place to get to work at though, back in the day. Right on the water...it would have been glorious.

Broken windows.

I'd get no work done. I'd be the dreamer-writer sitting here all day.

Every door we tried was locked tight. With years' worth of cobwebs surrounding the knobs.

Weird plaster animals all over the place.

There is a disembodied torso in the window.

Krista is a teeny dot in the distance! Huge factory.

Grain things.

There were a hundred Canada Geese living here, just hanging out. I was like, what's up bitches!?? Don't peck me to death.

The other factory, on the opposite side. Security guard central.

Oh hey. Wash your hair dirty girl!

Leftover grain. And a lot of geese shit.

Krista wouldn't climb up that silo with me. I do remember one time when Krista and I climbed into an old silo. We looked up and there were hundreds of bats. She essentially whipped me out of the way so she could get to the door first and get out of there. Cunt. Love you Krista, good times!

Back through the rabbit hole.

Back home.

Next up, abandoned hotel!

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