Up To No Good: Abandoned Hotel Edition

by - July 29, 2013

At long last, here we are with the abandoned hotel and restaurant. This hotel sits right off the QEW, I think on the South Service Road, but don't quote me on that.

We had been noticing this place for a while, and really wanted to go and explore. Finally, one evening, we did.

The first thing we noticed when we pulled up was that there was a trailer parked out front. I wasn't sure what to think of it, but we cautiously got out of the car anyway and proceeded to walk towards it.

A big dog started barking, and then a creepy looking dude came out of the camper and said "Can I help you girls?", all creepy and scarily and I had a bad feeling in my gut right away.  He was obviously a vagrant (haha, cool word Katherine) who was squatting on the property. But why would he care if two girls had parked and were taking a walk around a parking lot? Didn't want us to find the bodies perhaps?

We just said we were taking pictures of the view (seen here...this was to prove to him that we wouldn't be snooping around, even though we did). He sort of hovered around for a minute as we disappeared around the side of the building, stepping around nasty looking puddles that smelled like piss.

We finally made it around the back, and even though the guy went back into his camper, we were still in a rush, and we both had the feeling that a little looking around was ok, but we probably shouldn't linger.

First room we came upon and the door was locked. But the window was open!

I hopped over the sill and the no touching rule came in to effect immediately. Ugh. So many gross things in those rooms.

Genuine look of fear. I think we were both convinced that the creepy dude was calling all of his creepy friends to come over and have a taste of the stupid girls wandering around the hotel. It was just a bad feeling. And Krista and I are usually pretty rational and never scared when it comes to these things. She wanted me outside ASAP. Didn't want to be trapped in anywhere...just in case.

Gross stains on the carpet.

Krista's phone was at 14%, and then it just died at this point.

Still trying to figure out what was all over the bed. I can't tell in the picture if it was just junk or drug paraphernalia. Maybe that's what creepy man was trying to hide? Ugh, and couldn't you clean the place up before we came over?

Everything in the restaurant had a thick layer of dust on it. But so strange that it was set up still, as if business would continue as usual the next day.

We got in our car and got the hell out of there at that point.

But we will be back another time. When that guy is no longer there, and we can take a little bit longer to explore the entire building. There was so much more to it than what we were able to infiltrate.

Until we return!

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