Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition

by - July 14, 2013

This abandoned house adventure was super creepy. All the right things were in place to make it that way: it was dusk, there were bugs, there was left over mail...scary shit people.

This house sat on a corner lot, overgrown with weeds, slowly being overtaken by nature. That's the cool thing about nature, it doesn't care who lived here, what happy memories took place. It just wants its land back assholes.


I was kind of scared. Not scared like I was in danger, like the upcoming abandoned hotel I went in, but creeped out scared. I guess this sexiness is my scared creeped out face.

The word 'estate' just makes things seem so sad. Obviously someone has died (duh), but why did no one buy their house? Were there no family members left to deal with it? I did some searching and came up with obits on her 2 sons who both died, one in 2008 and one in 2012. Harvey, the one who died in 2012, was a handsome devil. I didn't find an obit for Elva, but it seems she passed away in 1994, her husband in 1992. The date makes sense, as the house seems to have been left abandoned since then. 

The bathroom, which had no bathtub or shower. Just a sink to wash yourself in. Elva was hardcore.

The mould, dear god the mould. Says the asthmatic.

A crumbling curtain for some privacy while on the loo.

A newspaper from 1996. So someone had been in this house since 1994.

I didn't check any of these. It was dark and I was scared haha!

More in the closet, that I made Krista open. Yeah right I was opening that.

Stairs leading up to the attic. I couldn't go up these steps looking straight ahead, I had to go up sideways. Because they were so tight. Uhhhhh. Wow, I can even turn stairs in a creepy house pervy. 

Of course I had to go first. Krista always makes me do all the really scary stuff first. We all know that she looks out for number one. I like to snap pictures with my arm stretched out as far as it will go, so I can look at the camera and know what I am getting myself into. This was the attic floor. Gross stains and all.

Those are all nails sticking out of the roof there. Yup, a death trap.

We found a trunk *shiver*. No thanks, you can take one for the team my lovely sister! I pretty much stood in the corner, close to the stairs, just in case. In all the abandoned houses I have been in in my lifetime, I don't know why this one creeped me out so much.

Ok phew, just a mop head and a shoe. How the hell did they get this up here anyway? Those stairs were the narrowest stairs I have ever seen!

Honey bee hive. Thankfully also abandoned, or else I would have been shitting in my pants.

It was getting dark.

Smile through the fear!

Happy to be going outside.

Oh dear god, Elva really was hardcore! 

Someone was cutting the grass, so someone cared. That's nice to know. I hope everyone knows I don't mean any disrespect towards this family...if anything, going into these places and imagining who lived here and what they were like in life is a way to remember them. It fascinates me. It's why I find cemeteries peaceful, it's a nice, albeit twisted, way to remember the dead. I hope someone remembers me and looks me up one day. Maybe they will find this blog!

Thanks Elva, for letting us go through your house! 

Any scary stories of abandoned house adventures? Share friends, share! I would love to hear them.

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