And a Happy Dirty 30 To You, My Baby Brother

by - August 07, 2013

It was my little brothers' birthday on July 26th, and the butthead turned 30!

Thirty is a magical age I think. I was super excited when it was my turn. Thirty is the new twenty after all.

He's still my baby brother, to me.

A Lost Boy who (I hope) will never fully grow up. Like me (except for the boy part. I'm a little offended that there were no Lost Girls). Clap if you believe in fairies!

His beautiful wife orchestrated a surprise party for him. The plan was to send him out of the house to run a bunch of errands for her, and we would all gather and be ready for when he showed up. The best laid plans right? Well, for everyone else it was fine...for Krista and I, not so much. We were late due to a set of the most ridiculous circumstances ever. Sigh. We pulled up just as he did and hid behind a car while he walked into the house where everyone was gathered to yell 'Surprise!". Again, ridiculous.

Oh James you sweet little baby.

Attitude already!

Ok, this picture kills me. Am I annoying yet with all the nephew pictures? I never thought I would be THAT person.

We had planned to rent a hotel and go out to the bar that night and party like it was 1999.

Only we were so incredibly exhausted that we went back to the hotel and went to sleep instead. Because we are old. It was a $190 sleep. Sigh.

Look at how tired though, honestly!!

Again, sometimes the best laid plans right? It was ok, it was needed.

I hope 30 is amazing for you Kefo! You look like a monkey......and you smell like one too!

Love you!

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