Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition...The Ice House 2

by - August 14, 2013

If you missed part one of the Ice House, go here.

Here we are again, in the creepy freezing house.  There was just so much crap in this house to see.

Everything you touched in this place (not that we touch many things in abandoned houses), just fell apart under the slightest pressure. I guess it really was damp in there or something. I would have loved to have found an indication of how long it had been abandoned for.

Cat shit in the cat litter on the floor. WHY? Do you think the poop happened AFTERWARDS? Or is it potentially 5-10 years old? And WHY?

So these stairs...they were a little cracked and broken down the middle. I was a bit scared to go up them, but as long as you stick to the sides you are a-ok. I think that Krista and I have shouted at each other to "stick to the sides!" more times than I can count in abandoned houses. (Dave gave me shit for this already, but I promise all of you, we are always perfectly safe and never do anything we know is stupid). Also, I can't tell you how many times I personally have heard "you first" on these expeditions. Sigh.

Krista really wanted this little desk for her front hallway. She struggled getting all the drawers out so that we could carry it down to her car (damp had warped the wood). And then when we went to lift it...

This happened. And I laughed and laughed. Who wants a cruddy old thing found in an abandoned house anyway? I would be scared to bring it home with me. Because of, you know...poltergeists. 

Paint peeling itself off the wall. 

I think the bathtub is a little dirty. Because the ceiling fell into it.

Hey dudes!

More kitty litter.

If you stepped on this board, it went down. Far down.

The creepiest attic ever. In all the houses I have been in.

I fell in love with this room. It would have been so nice in it's day!

Photos of people who once lived here?

Thinking about having to go back down those stairs.

Stay tuned for part 3, and the end of the Ice House series!

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