Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition...The Ice House 3

by - August 23, 2013

After a lovely week away at a friends cottage (post coming soon!), I am back to wrap up the Ice House series. We ended the last post with me talking about getting the heebie jeebies the more I walked through the house, and the rest of it did not disappoint! To read part 1 and 2, go here and here.

Animals had clearly been through here. Notice the teeth marks on the vitamin B bottle. Why they didn't eat it since they were trying so hard to get to the contents inside, I don't know. Maybe they weren't feeling depressed.

I thought I was going to fall out of this window. There is no reason to think that...I just kept picturing it giving way under my weight.

Weird unopened SQueezit package. Kind of gross.

Krista making her way down the scary death trap stairs.

Me thinking about walking down them, planning what I was going to hold on to if anything gave way. Also, I have an alien hand.

The stairs down to the basement. I always have to go down into the basement, no matter how creepy it is.

And this one was DEFINITELY creepy. I got scared when I opened up the door. Like actual, for real scared.

Tried it, it didn't work. Haha.

And then my flash decided to work again, yay!

In case you were wondering if I went all the way down there...NOPE! Too terrified in this house. This is as far as I got. I was afraid the steps were going to crumble under me, and then I would be stuck in the scary, scary basement, by myself, while Krista went to find something to get me out. The thought is terrifying me now!

Thank goodness, back outside again. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Krista yelled out: "This is how people get ticks you know!". Oh Krista. She is always wearing shorts and flip flops on these expeditions (at least she is in the summer!). We are always caught off guard by the houses we find. Maybe she should throw a pair of pants and proper shoes in her trunk! Abandoned house hunting gear.

We saw a barn in the distance. Through the trees was a pond that had swelled over its banks.

We walked to the barn below, which was really just a huge rusted metal shed slapped together haphazardly, and from the sounds it was making in the wind, we decided not to try and get into it. It sounded like every horror movie sound of rusty knives and chainsaws and claws, all thrown together telling us to keep the eff out!

And so concludes the Ice House series! Where will we go to next? I have quite a few coordinates saved to my phone of places that are supposed to be amazing. Hopefully we can check some out this weekend and have some adventures!

Everyone have a great weekend...get up to no good!

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