Only A Few Find the Way, Some Don't Ever Want To

by - September 03, 2013

Well hello there.  Let's take a walk down memory lane, to commemorate the (almost) end of summer, shall we?

I can't remember when this was...two or three weeks ago. Man, time flies. Dave and I wanted to go on a walk to somewhere pretty and not city-like. And walk we did!! SHEEEIIITTT. That was a Wire reference for those of you who don't know!

We walked super far west, toward the Humber River, and stumbled upon this little cemetery gem. You guys know how much I love them.

Cool name dude. First name was not Nikola. I checked.

Ok I KNOW they mean single plots. But my crazy brain kept thinking they meant 'Single Adults'. Like, you were alone all your life, and now you have died alone, and you will spend the afterlife alone in your lonely single adult hole in the ground. I was actually offended for three seconds.

Crazy Europeans and their Jesus candles and cheap fake flowers. I can say this, my baba was one of these people.

I thought a kid was buried here. But no, it was a grown man. He must be a playful spirit.

We were trying to find an entrance to a forest that we saw off in the distance and we walked for TWO HOURS looking for a way in. Holy moly it frigging took forever. We realized much later that we passed a set of stairs at the very beginning of our search. Sigh.

We finally found a path! After walking through an awesome neighbourhood that looked like it was out of Edward Scissorhands.

I received 25,000 mosquito bites from this picture alone.

Set of stairs we should have gone down in the beginning!!

Then I wanted to climb the bridge bits, even though I was scared that I would fall the one and a half feet to my death.

But I conquered the mountain.

Had the dirty hands to prove it. I can't tell you how gross I felt for the rest of the time we were walking. I can't stand having grimy hands because I am a princess.

Monkey see, monkey do.


And then we stumbled upon the most magical of magic places. We came across the Old Mill Inn...which is like a fairytale dream come true. I wanted to explore the inside, so we did. And I also used the washroom to pee and wash my hands. The bathroom was bigger than my entire apartment, and much nicer.

It was all wood and old world awesome, and they pumped the smell of cinnamon and baked goods through the air ducts. It looked, and smelled, like Christmas. CHRISTMAS!!! You know how much I love everything Christmas. Dear god, it's like whoever built this place went into my brain and took out all my happy thoughts and visuals and built a shrine to all things happy.

We will be back. I would love to stay here for a night for my birthday. That would be the best.

After 5 hours of walking, we were pretty pooped. But it was a great way to spend the day.

I hope everyone had a great Labour Day!

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