Up To No Good: The House That Won, or, The Fortress

by - September 28, 2013

This house again. The house we were never able to get into. It defeated us. It won.

Check out our many attempts to get in here. And here. And there is a boat on the property that we explored here

This house was on the way to my parents' old house. They just recently moved, so we will never have a chance to get in here ever now. We have been trying diligently for 2 years.  It really is a fortress.

Hey there crazy hair.

This just recently happened. It's starting to crumble and fall apart. The locks on the doors are strong ones...we were hoping that the house would fall down a bit around the door, and we could get in that way.

Poor bird.

What I don't get is WHO THE HELL is taking care of keeping this place locked up tight? When we were able to get into the little garage in the back, we knocked out a few panes of glass and opened a window. The next time we went, someone had covered all the windows in thick plastic. WHY? And WHO? This place is in the middle of nowhere.

Oh well. It just adds to the mystery of it I guess. Now I am always going to think that something terrible happened there and that there is an urban legend surrounding it about a girl, a boy, and a crazy maniac with a scythe. Yup. That's probably what happened. Or Bloody Mary lives here. Eeekkk! I am 33-years-old and Bloody Mary still scares me.

I hope you have a nice rest of your life, rotting away into nothing, house. We won't see you next time.

The end. Goodbye Fortress!

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