Oct 31, 2013

The Second Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I really love the Fall. Not as much as Winter, but yeah...big Fall lover here.

So, when I had to go and see my doctor in Orangeville (about an hour away but I refuse to give her up), we decided to turn it into an adventure.

It was such a gorgeous day...look at that sky. 

After my appointment (I hadn't seen her in 8 years! Oops!), we decided to check out the mall I used to hang in back when I was a teenager. I hadn't been there in probably the same amount of time.

Oh man was it ever depressing. Not that it was ever a good mall to begin with (it's a small town) but it used to at least be ok. It's where everyone went on a Saturday. There were hardly any stores left and it was dark and gloomy.

At least my beloved Coles is still there. I used to go in there when I got paid and drop an entire paycheck on books.

After that we decided to go to my favourite place on earth at this time of year...Downey's! We try to go here every year, just to get into the Fall/ Halloween spirit. For our 2011 Downey's adventure, go here and here. I don't know if we went last year....there was a lot going on then.

The pumpkin patch is the best part.

Love the farts out of this guy.

You win some you lose some.

Not only do they have the pumpkin patch, they also have a corn maze, Halloween decor, wine, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin pie, and every other awesome thing you can think of to make your Autumn a happy time.

Chicken butt! I actually think this is a rooster, but rooster butt isn't as funny. Neither is chicken butt. Maybe if you are 10-years-old.

Do you think they had to put this sign up because this is a real problem?

After indulging in pumpkin donuts, fudge, and purchasing a pumpkin pie for dinner (kidding!), we drove around and ended up at this AWESOME Halloween store in Mississauga called Spirit. It's a huge place, and the quality of their stuff is amazing.

You could move the mouth of this mask with your mouth, so it looked incredibly real. I didn't do it though, that would be gross and weird.

They had these super creepy set ups where if you pressed a button, or pushed a lever, all of these things would move. And not in a broken, robotic way either....in a fluid, this-is-what-nightmares-are-made-of kind of way. It was awesome. It made me wish I had a house in which to display them...it would scare the poop out of little kids! Maybe not, they are all hardened criminals by the age of six, these days.

Dave, lost in a world of scars and fake blood.

Oh god. This was there too. So awful. I didn't like this one.

I have been completely enjoying how cold it has been, and the leaves changing, and switching over from smoothies to coffee (not very healthy I know...at least it's decaf!). We have the space heater on all the time already because it is so cold in our apartment (boiling in the summer, freezing in the winter!) and it makes for a cozy night in, watching a scary movie. Which we have been doing every single night since the beginning of October. It's our Halloween Horror Movie Month! We have definitely been getting into the spirit in that regard. 

Long walks and hot tea, sweaters and thick socks....what are your favourite colder weather things?

M is for Merman...A Halloween Treat!

The amazing Darryl Shaw has done it again! He has created a twisted, creepy, and gory short film for the ABCs of Death, a pretty freaking cool contest that compiles the best talent out there into a final disturbing feature film for all to enjoy. Perfect for Halloween!

Watch the 3 minute video, and if you like it (and you will!) vote for it by clicking here. Once you are brought to the page, click on the Facebook 'Like' icon. Do not click on the 'Like' button on the actual video, rather, the Facebook 'Like' button, as seen below.

My Dave composed the music for this one, and it's GOOOOD!

Happy Halloween folks! Enjoy!!!

Oct 30, 2013

Up To No Good: Abandoned Way Out There

This day...oh man. It was sweltering hot. But we decided to check out another abandoned place on the map.

I wasn't sure where we were even going, but since I am the navigator to these places, I am certainly pushy when it comes to driving some terrain that we maybe shouldn't. It's all for the brass ring though, so let's do it!

Krista was a bit nervous about the fact that we were driving further into the middle of nowhere.

Overgrown path.

The house didn't exist anymore. Just some structures on the land. This one was a shed I think.

There was just some garbage items in it, nothing too interesting.

The blackflies were SO SO bad out there. What with the sweaty heat and the blackflies...this is me taking a picture by accident, trying to get away from the cloud that was engulfing my head. Krista thought it was hilarious.

Saw this building hiding behind the trees, and even though the grass was up to my shoulders, I still had to get to it.

I spy a way in.

WHOA the hair. It was really humid. Stupidly humid.

Not sure what these were, but they were hanging off a tree. They smelled like limes, but were rock hard. They were the only two on there.

Clearly a barn, back in the day.

Nature starting to take over, as it always does.

Interesting mirror/ wall shelf.

I went in search of any more structures on the property, as I could see something down the overgrown path.

But this is all it was.  I don't think it was a working one.

A little bit disappointing that there was no house to explore, but still an interesting find all the way out in the bushes!