The Necropolis: Part 1

by - October 04, 2013

I suppose I should get around to this now, since we visited this place in the middle of the Summer.

We made our way to the east end of the city, where I had been wanting to visit the Necropolis...Toronto's historic (and awesomely named) cemetery.

You know how much I love cemeteries. Good thing....I'll be spending a lot of time in one one day! Yeah I'm weird.

But first we had the pleasure of walking through Cabbagetown. Oh Cabbagetown! How I love thee! Such a historic and beautiful neighborhood; gorgeous houses, tree-lined quiet streets. I was in love.

There had been a lot of storms this summer, and a lot of storm damage. This was especially prevalent in Cabbagetown. I thought I heard someone saying that there is no city cleanup allowed because of the historic-ness (yup, new word! Put it in the dick-tionary!) of the neighborhood, and that only private cleanup was allowed. I could have made that up though...I did a lot of acid and sometimes my daydreams become my reality.

Well shit. Soon we will have other, freezing kinds of storms (one can only hope!!!!! xoxoxox)

So many trees on the had to walk on the street.

After that gorgeous walk, we came upon the Necropolis. Built in 1850, (built? don't they mean the first body was thrown in there in 1850?), you would never know that you were in the middle of Toronto. So quiet, and serene, and old. The old is the part I really dig. HA! DIG!!!

Ooooo creepy. It would be amazing to walk through the cemetery on Halloween night. Of course I would have to go alone because Dave, bless his heart, is a GIANT SCAREDY CAT.

We 'snuck' into the chapel. Which was wide open and I am sure said 'welcome' somewhere. Why do I always feel like I am doing something wrong when I enter a church or something like it? I always feel like I have to sneak. Ex-catholic guilt maybe (not that I ever for real was, let's not ruin my reputation now).

They should rig a fake skeleton behind that curtain during Halloween time, that jumps out at people who walk past. HA! I need to have a cemetery, there would be fake ghosts and green fog and skeletons half in the ground. God I am a genius.

Dead people (no disrespect) in the walls. Sounds creepy when you say it that way.

That's nice.

These tiny headstones were some of my favourites (although I have many favourites!). You could tell they were some of the oldest ones there, and some were shaped like a scroll, like this one, and others were shaped like Ninja Turtle shells. Those ones were awesome too. Err...I guess they would just be normal turtle shells really....not so much ninja ones.

There were very tall, very old ones, that had entire families on them. These ones were depressing because there were always 10 kids on there, all never making it to the age of 10 themselves. Ah modern medicine, you are a good thing sometimes.

R.I.P Jack :(

Fallen off the base, and just left there. Well, why not?

This one had cracked in half and you could see where someone had glued it back together. Nice work!

I don't even....

Now that's what I am talking about. Powerful people reside here. I mean, there's a LION. And carved things. And a Dave!

Ninja Turtle!

What an awesome quote. I really hope it is an adventure...otherwise it will be BORING.

I had received approximately 10,304 mosquito bites at this point. Was close to death myself I tell you what.

And this concludes Masterpiece Theatre for today. Stay tuned for part 2 of Katherine and Dave are weirdos who like cemeteries!! We walk on dead people next!

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