Up To No Good: Abandoned Way Out There

by - October 30, 2013

This day...oh man. It was sweltering hot. But we decided to check out another abandoned place on the map.

I wasn't sure where we were even going, but since I am the navigator to these places, I am certainly pushy when it comes to driving some terrain that we maybe shouldn't. It's all for the brass ring though, so let's do it!

Krista was a bit nervous about the fact that we were driving further into the middle of nowhere.

Overgrown path.

The house didn't exist anymore. Just some structures on the land. This one was a shed I think.

There was just some garbage items in it, nothing too interesting.

The blackflies were SO SO bad out there. What with the sweaty heat and the blackflies...this is me taking a picture by accident, trying to get away from the cloud that was engulfing my head. Krista thought it was hilarious.

Saw this building hiding behind the trees, and even though the grass was up to my shoulders, I still had to get to it.

I spy a way in.

WHOA the hair. It was really humid. Stupidly humid.

Not sure what these were, but they were hanging off a tree. They smelled like limes, but were rock hard. They were the only two on there.

Clearly a barn, back in the day.

Nature starting to take over, as it always does.

Interesting mirror/ wall shelf.

I went in search of any more structures on the property, as I could see something down the overgrown path.

But this is all it was.  I don't think it was a working one.

A little bit disappointing that there was no house to explore, but still an interesting find all the way out in the bushes!

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