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by - October 06, 2013

Even though i am an unemployed lazy bum (still! I have decided to do the job hunting thing in December), I am certainly not one to just sit inside my house all day everyday. I can't do it. So I find things to occupy my time. These are those things.

Many, MANY walks around the 'hood. We grab a coffee (decaf for me!) and get to it. And what better time of year for countless walks, when the trees are starting to turn awesome colours?

Also, my parents moved to London at the beginning of the month, so we headed that way to visit and see their new house. The weather on the way there was less than cooperative. I am already a nervous person in cars, so this kind of thing doesn't help me to relax. But hey, we made it.

The new digs. I love this house. Not as much as the last one they were in, but this one will do just fine. It's cozy. And the living room set up is WAY better than their last house, where I was left sitting on the stairs all the time because I am a martyr.

In other news, James is still the cutest baby of life. Being an aunt is the best.

So is being a grandpa I think. Isn't this picture the bees knees?

My dad insisted I take this picture of him while we were waiting for Chinese food. He is so serious haha!

My Mikey girl, who is rarely not by my side. She is my bur. 

My friend Adam moved to the city, which is fun and exciting! We went out to celebrate this fact and this is the only picture I took? Yeah...you know what kind of state I was in then. Awesome night! And, where was everyone?

I had to be downtown for my hospital treatment (for polycythemia...have to get a phlebotomy when hemoglobin levels get too high), and I decided to walk from St. George station to Princess Margaret Hospital. It was another gorgeous Fall day.

Rainy and foggy, but lovely.

I'm an idiot and opted out of my normal fluids afterwards on this day. It took me two days to recover. It's like having a hangover...you're nauseous, lethargic, and just drained of energy. I won't do that again. Learned my lesson. Also, getting old sucks! I used to be able to do this shit when I was young, have some chocolate milk and go on my merry way. The older I get the harder toll it takes. Still, NOT COMPLAINING. I have to do this in the chemo ward and yeah, lots of love and respect for everyone around me there. Always an eye opener that life is pretty frigging good no matter how bad you 'think' you have it.

It's been raining around here and we only have a skylight in our bedroom. If we leave it open, the floor gets soaked...if we close it, we boil to death. So, a towel went down to solve the issue. Only this one made it her bed. She is touched a smidge, god love her.

I started curling my hair. I know, stop the presses.

And here she is again...how she was in a room where I wasn't, I am not sure how she survived. But, she found me.

Last night we went out for beer and nachos, and watched a bit of the Leafs vs. Sens game. Not because we sought it out or anything, but because it was on every t.v, at every bar...even played over the speakers OUTSIDE the bar. I don't hate hockey, but I don't really follow it. Everyone else and their unborn baby does in this country though. Or so it seems! Mullets need to come back. Those were sexy.

After the bar, I decided to try a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (decaf, lactose free!). I think I like the idea of these kinds of drinks more than the drink itself. They are just too sweet. Dave suggested I ask for it half sweet but no, then you can barely taste the syrup. So he said to ask for it two thirds sweet.....can you imagine? I'd like a pumpkin spice latte please, decaf, lactose free, two thirds sweet. NO! I know that isn't even anywhere near as crazy as they get it (I worked at Second Cup for years!), but I just can't....I already feel ridiculous asking for decaf and lactose free, and those are necessities.

I like the way you think people! There aren't nearly enough Halloween decorations up yet.

PEEEERRRFFFECT opportunity....

To throw leaves at Dave!

Fall is the best. I mean, after Winter that is :).

Happy Sunday folks!

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