Depeche Mode...Again

by - November 05, 2013

Back in September, my sister and I went and saw one of our favourite bands, Depeche mode.

It was my sisters first time seeing them, and my third. I saw them for the first time when I was 13 (20 years ago ahhhh!)...and they are still just as awesome now as they were then.

Of course, an outdoor show, and they are calling for rain.

I was not feeling this day AT ALL. I didn't feel well, it was about to rain all night, and I was tired. Thankfully I shook myself out of that funk and decided to have some fun. I was at a concert for goodness sake! The parking situation before this put me over the edge though...Toronto sucks for this reason, and maybe this reason only.

See? YAY!! Fun times were had by all.

This beer cost me $10.50. TEN FIFTY. Just had to spell that out for everyone. I am still flabbergasted by this.

As we were waiting for the show to start, there were huge forks of lightning getting closer and closer. Guess who is terrified of lightning? This girl. Thankfully though, there wasn't a huge storm or anything like that, but it did end up raining for a big portion of the night. No one cared though, everyone was having a blast.

After it ended, (we left during the last song to beat the crowds, plus it was pouring by that time), we danced our way out of the amphitheater, through the INSANE CNE grounds, and found our way to some deep fried oreos. They were really gross. Don't get them. Plus, there were five 14-year-olds working the deep fried booth, and I'm telling you I played with fire eating those babies. Russian roulette of the microbial kind.

And then there was this. NO I DID NOT EAT IT. God that's gross. It is literally balls of butter that are frozen and then deep fried. WHY? WHHHYYYYY? I bet it's delicious. Haha!

It was a pretty damn good show, although it always is! The best part though, and this is going to show my age completely, was getting home and putting on a dry pair of pjs and snuggling under a blanket. That always feels awesome doesn't it?

What concerts have you been to lately?

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