Christmas Goings-On

by - December 30, 2013

So this post is a bit late, and I apologize to everyone who is Christmased out and just over it (I kind of am, surprisingly!)

I have been sick a lot this December, which completely BLOWS because I never get sick. Good thing I am getting it out of the way now!! 2014 will bring bigger and way better things, I can feel it!

Despite all the annoyances of renting and having to deal with A LOT of construction this year, I am still grateful for our happy, cozy home. Our little family is the best, in my humble opinion.

I am also grateful for the craploads of snow we have been getting! (not the ice..the ice storm was not good for many, many people).

We went to the Eaton Center on a night of a crazy snow was insane. But, we got what we needed and got the mermaid out of there. Malls at Christmas are my own personal Hell (I am sure they are everyones. Except the people who stroll and are just pretty much out of it and causing traffic buildup). I have always said that malls at Christmas should be like the movie go under a certain speed and blow up. Or something.

We had a very cozy, lovely Christmas at chez Kato and Dave's this year. I woke up at 1AM and could not go back to sleep because I was SOOOO excited. Haha! Kid at heart forever!

We did my family Christmas dinner on Christmas evening, which was a brutally long, exhausting drive, but anything to see everyone and enjoy the Christmas love with all of them. The next day we drove an hour to Dave's parents Christmas but they had to cancel at the last power. Which was really unfortunate! But, we met them in town and had a nice dinner out with them, just the four of us.

Also...ALSO!!! Among a bunch of amazing things that Dave got me this year, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND and got me a pair of Frye boots! For those that have been following me here for a few years now, I have wanted a pair of Fryes for forever. And the stinker went and got me a pair. Sigh. And they are beautiful.

Focus on the boots, not the roots.

It's not about presents though, it's about being able to spend time with the people who are still here, and enjoy each other when/ and as much as you can. I hope wherever you are, whatever way you choose to celebrate (if at all), that you had a lovely, relaxing, full of joy and cheer holiday.

From mine to yours, Merry Christmas everyone!

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