The Christmas Crazy Has Begun

by - December 04, 2013

That time is upon me once again. The time of year that I love, and the time of year that makes me exhausted! December fills up for me very quickly every year, what with visiting friends I haven't seen all year, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, Christmas know the drill. Last year I took the year off for a breather, but this year, I was booked up in November. The year before, August! It's always an awesome feeling to know that I get to experience the holiday love with friends and family, so I have no complaints. 

At the same time:

Tis the season to be pervy in front of the 'fire' (space heater).

The first snowfall in Toronto happened on a Saturday. Dave and I were already in for the night, in our pjs (haha!) when it started snowing in earnest. I couldn't waste the opportunity to experience the first snow of the season! So, clothes were thrown on over our pajamas, beer was shoved in our pockets, and off we went on a magical walk. It was lovely.

Our little tiny tree was up in the middle of November. Yeah, I get kind of excited.

This past weekend, my first of the Christmas crazy, I made the super long trek (6 hours of travelling!) up to Desboro to see my best friend Jess, and of course, my nephew Jackson. This kid is the best. So happy and full of crazy beans. I am so in love with him.

We had an awesome afternoon in Owen Sound, sipping cider at a cute coffee shop, and enjoying the Christmas cheer everywhere we went. Look at how cute Jackson is with his beautiful mama!

Owen Sound puts on a Festival of Northern Lights every year, and I couldn't miss that. So, we waited until dark, bundled up and off we went.

It's kitschy, but oh so very awesome. The church across the street was playing Christmas carols, and it was like a Christmas wonderland. I loved every second of it.

Thank you Jessi, for the best weekend! It was full of love and Christmas joy. 

This upcoming weekend I am off to Barrie to visit my other best friend, and to partake in a Christmas surprise! I can't wait!

In the meantime, Pinterest is always awesome for Christmas ideas and happiness. These are a few of my favourites! Enjoy!

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