Apr 22, 2013

I Like to Call It Art

Yesterday Dave and I needed to go to the mall so he could buy running shoes so of course, we turned it into an adventure! Also, I felt like I was in a hair commercial all day yesterday. It's getting so long! Finally!

It was such a gorgeous day out too. Kind of cold when we started out, but as we got into our walking groove, we warmed right up. And the sun was just glorious! A perfect Spring day.

We are going to start running together. It has been torture waiting for the weather to finally get nice enough to go outside and run. Running indoors, in place, just isn't the same thing to me! I want to be outside, enjoying the scenery. So it's exciting that we are going to get fit together.

Pit stop to re-fuel. I hate mall food. More than life itself. It's so gross.

We passed some swings on the way home. You all know I can't resist swings. Swing face!

God I love him. Look at him: waiting patiently, holding all my shit, while I swing and carry on like a toddler. Seriously, I love you Dave.

There is just so much amazing art around this city. I wish that the city left it alone and didn't clean it up or paint over it, I love it.  It makes for such a colourful and vibrant place to live. I know there are gang signs and whatever there too, but it doesn't bother me. I don't know, maybe it should, but it really doesn't. 

I WILL stay rad, thanks for the reminder!  We were standing under a bridge and dodging bird poo at this point, we could hear it bombing all around us...had to get out of there quick :)

Oh dear. And here is where the 'photo shoot' began. Like most amazing things, this was not planned...it just kind of happened. Classic excuse.

Oh yeah...we went there. Why the shocker Katherine? Why?

IIINNNNN West Philadelphia born and raised...I have no problems being this big of a loser. What does this say about me?

These pictures remind me of pics of my dad and uncle when they first came to Canada and were in some kind of greaser gang.  They are standing in your typical grandmother's basement, holding a gun with pictures of topless girls on the walls. These pictures are hilarious. You can tell they thought they were so badass when really they just look like little skinny white boys being ridiculous. 

The photographer. He really drew the gangster out of me, captured some pretty real and harrowing photos of life in the city. I mean, I was scared.

We ended up having a really awesome day. A couple of hours in the sunshine will do that. You have no idea how grateful I am for it when it decides to show it's face (unless you do!)...it really is a blessing.  When we got home we went for a run and Dave broke in his new shoes. It was awesome running together...we pushed each other and supported each other...it was great!

Tonight will be about going for another run, eating an amazing home cooked dinner, and relaxing with my love.  

What are your plans for this sunny Monday?

Apr 19, 2013

American Graffiti

It was 28C here yesterday (82F), it was crazy. Especially since it might snow overnight tonight. I mean, it probably won't, but it is going to be chilly enough that it might.

I went and picked Dave up from work, and the plan was to go home and barbecue and beer it up.

Except that this happened in a matter of seconds. 

We still busted it home in the hopes that we would have enough time to open a beer, drink it fast and get our burgers on the barbecue and inside before it all started.

No such luck. As soon as we went out there, downpour city. I drank from inside while Dave stood under an umbrella and cooked our dinner. Sigh. Canadian weather I tell you. It was sunny and hot almost, all day, and then the rain came. And today, it rained alllll day, and now it is bright and sunny. Sheesh.

At least I got one day in without my winter jacket. I felt naked and light on my feet. I may just refuse to put the thing back on, but hopefully, I won't need to!

Happy Friday folks!

Apr 17, 2013

Busy Spring Time

Hey there friends and neighbours! It seems my blogging did not pick up once I had all the time in the world to blog, in fact, it seems the opposite has happened.

To be fair, school has been taking up a big chunk of my days. Not that I am complaining! I love the program I am in. LOVE IT. I am learning so much already and it's a lot to take in, but for some reason I am not bored and want to study all the time (loser). Have I found my 'thing'? I hope so! I had been wanting to take the natural nutrition course from CSNN for a while now, so the decision to register, even though it was thought out, at the same time it was a 'why the fuck not?' kind of decision too. I figured if anything, it would keep me busy and if I didn't like the career path I could take when I finish in two years, at least I learned something and kept my brain active, right?

Except that I am loving it, and the many career paths I can choose from once I am finished are all things that sound fantastic to me, because they are about helping people. And that is what I have always wanted to do! 

The weather around here lately has left much to be desired. So gloomy and yuck. Yesterday and today have been nice...the sun is shining and the temperatures are finally warm. But it will go back to doom and gloom tomorrow. That's Spring in Canada for you. We were so spoiled last year when it pretty much went from Winter to Summer, no Spring in between. It was glorious.

Flowers are starting to show themselves, to shake off their winter shrouds and be free again, like the rest of us are waiting to do. I can't wait to get out on my deck and start cleaning things up a bit, and plant some more and enjoy warm nights with barbecue and beer.

I can't wait to not have to wear this freaking winter jacket anymore.

Taking this nutrition course has made me hyper aware of how my body works and how the things you put in it work against your body functioning properly. This is a GOOD thing, but at the same time, isn't, because I really like beer and things that aren't necessarily good for me. No, it's a good thing. I can do with not eating pizza or chips for a loooooong time. They can be special treats. But really knowing what eating those kinds of things does to the inside of your body? You can never un-know. And having that knowledge, you would be abusing yourself if you kept doing it. At least I am hoping that sinks in, I need a kick in the ass right now.

I said to Dave that the hardest thing about becoming a nutritionist will be hearing friends and family complain about an ailment or something that I KNOW will be diet related, and telling them to improve their diet by doing this or that and the symptoms will go away (for free mind you. I would tell them for FREE where I would charge strangers 40 dollars an hour for that advice), and they won't want to hear it. They will brush it off, telling me it's not that, it's something else. And I will sigh and write them off as dead to me as far as nutrition advice goes. Hahaha! Just kidding.

Other than school though, I have just been enjoying my life not working. It's still weird to me that I am not, but the time will come soon enough where I will be out there looking for a job. It will be nice to make my own money again.  But for now, I am just going to enjoy it. Who knows where life will take me? At this point, I can do anything I want!

I hope you guys are enjoying your day! I don't ever know what day it is anymore, but I hope that you are enjoying it whatever day it may be!

Apr 13, 2013

Wants: April 13th 2013...Sick Edition

I am feeling a bit under the weather today, and these are the only things I want right now:

Cozy Bedroom
Ice Cream
Cup of Tea


I think it's time to take care of my aching body with all of these things (except the ice cream on account of not having any), and possibly cuddle on the couch with a movie and a cup of tea.

Happy cold, rainy Saturday night everyone!

Fun Times in London Town: 2

Back to the night, where everytang was all right.

Look at that...no snow on the ground in February but you best BELIEVE there is snow on the ground right now, in the middle of April.

We went here to eat. I don't even remember what I had. I think Krista and I shared a pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries. Yes, that's right. It was good, but I don't like my pulled pork sweet and that sandwich was sweet. I like the savoury and have never really been able to find a savoury pulled pork sammie. Suggestions Torontonians?

My sister thinks she needs botox. She does. In her BRAIN! Plus, you are 38-years-old my sweet sister, one wrinkle will not do you in I promise. Also, if you DO get botox, then I will see how good you look and I will want it to because you will have broken the ice with cosmetic procedures and next thing you know I have giant boobs, a new butt and a face that doesn't move ever.

Favourite part of the night. Everyone takes notes to see who has the balls to get out on the dance floor first. Ahhh yes, youth. When you get old like us, you don't care one iota about how stupid you look and you just go for it. Meaning: I have the biggest balls I win!

It was fun, it always is, but sometimes I wish I could be a giant snob and hand pick the people who can stay and those who should leave. Krista had a few drinks spilled on her, I had a stiletto jammed into the top of my foot as well as a swift karate kick to my ankle. There was a girl and a guy SO drunk that they couldn't stand up, were stumbling all over the place, yet felt the need to double fist some drinks and go dance on the dance floor. While wrapped around each other. That is a feat while not drunk, so you can imagine the crazy that happened with THAT. When all sense of space is gone and things are getting messy, usually around 1AM, it's time to go before the Kato Hulk awakens. Look you can see me starting to transform below, you know, the green. Ugh, bad.

When we left it was a snow globe outside. It was snowing so perfectly, and I was so happy to be going back to our hotel and the warm comfy bed that was waiting, that I couldn't help but smile while I limped my ass back there (my ankle bruised the next day, stupid person who karate kicked me!)

The next morning we did our ritual of having breakfast with my brother and Sara. And look at how EFFING cute she is! So excited for her to pop, my niece or nephew is in there!

Best breakfast place in town, even if you are greeted at the door by this thing.

Hey Krista, I think we need to plan one of these nights again soon!