Jul 29, 2013

Up To No Good: Abandoned Hotel Edition

At long last, here we are with the abandoned hotel and restaurant. This hotel sits right off the QEW, I think on the South Service Road, but don't quote me on that.

We had been noticing this place for a while, and really wanted to go and explore. Finally, one evening, we did.

The first thing we noticed when we pulled up was that there was a trailer parked out front. I wasn't sure what to think of it, but we cautiously got out of the car anyway and proceeded to walk towards it.

A big dog started barking, and then a creepy looking dude came out of the camper and said "Can I help you girls?", all creepy and scarily and I had a bad feeling in my gut right away.  He was obviously a vagrant (haha, cool word Katherine) who was squatting on the property. But why would he care if two girls had parked and were taking a walk around a parking lot? Didn't want us to find the bodies perhaps?

We just said we were taking pictures of the view (seen here...this was to prove to him that we wouldn't be snooping around, even though we did). He sort of hovered around for a minute as we disappeared around the side of the building, stepping around nasty looking puddles that smelled like piss.

We finally made it around the back, and even though the guy went back into his camper, we were still in a rush, and we both had the feeling that a little looking around was ok, but we probably shouldn't linger.

First room we came upon and the door was locked. But the window was open!

I hopped over the sill and the no touching rule came in to effect immediately. Ugh. So many gross things in those rooms.

Genuine look of fear. I think we were both convinced that the creepy dude was calling all of his creepy friends to come over and have a taste of the stupid girls wandering around the hotel. It was just a bad feeling. And Krista and I are usually pretty rational and never scared when it comes to these things. She wanted me outside ASAP. Didn't want to be trapped in anywhere...just in case.

Gross stains on the carpet.

Krista's phone was at 14%, and then it just died at this point.

Still trying to figure out what was all over the bed. I can't tell in the picture if it was just junk or drug paraphernalia. Maybe that's what creepy man was trying to hide? Ugh, and couldn't you clean the place up before we came over?

Everything in the restaurant had a thick layer of dust on it. But so strange that it was set up still, as if business would continue as usual the next day.

We got in our car and got the hell out of there at that point.

But we will be back another time. When that guy is no longer there, and we can take a little bit longer to explore the entire building. There was so much more to it than what we were able to infiltrate.

Until we return!

Jul 23, 2013

Unemployment Disorder

I have learned a few things about myself while being unemployed, and the major thing I was surprised to learn is that I hate being unemployed.

Insane right?

Tell me about it.

I have been working in some capacity since I was fairly young, so it has been ingrained in me from the start that working is a good thing.  And I agree. I have never minded working, and I certainly don't mind making my own money. EI cheques are great and all, but they are not conducive to how my inner P-I-M-P chooses to live.

So even though I have enrolled in a course that I am enjoying thoroughly, which occupies my time and all that, I am still so bored that I want to rip my face off. I was not made to be a housewife (nothing wrong with that people, I'm just more the breadwinning type!). 

It's like I need constant stimulation. My brain is already an overworked crazy thinking all the time mess of insanity that when you put me in a quiet house, with nothing much to do, it makes me feel crazier than I am. I need the outside stimuli to be at the same pace as what's going on in my mind and then I can truly feel balanced. Ahhh....inner crazy matching outer crazy. Bliss.

So, even though I am itching to get a job, and have been for a while now, I'm not an effing idiot. I am taking this time, forcing it upon myself because really...when will I ever get this chance again? Even though I don't even know what day it is anymore because they all blend into one another, and I hate just sitting, I will do it. I will do it for all the people who wish they were in my situation, able to stay home and enjoy their time to themselves.

I'm giving myself until September.  And only because I have some fun things coming up in August to break the monotony. But doing this for a year? No bueno. Can't do it. Plus, I feel very left out of all the complaining about one's job. Instead I complain about not having one, which we all know is just a douchey thing to do in this situation.

For those who want to kill me for this post, please just send me threatening emails instead. Surely I will enjoy reading them and the boredom will go away for a little while. 

Jul 22, 2013

Up To No Good: Abandoned Factory Edition

Near my parents house, by the canal, stand two abandoned factories in the distance. Well, technically only one, I think. But they have been enticing us for the past year and a half now, to come explore!

Dead tracks. They look like they haven't been used in forever. 

Oh look! My Converse, JACK.

I couldn't find a whole lot of info on these factories. I found that the one we explored (the one on the right) was an old grain factory, built in 1908 to store wheat shipped from the Prairies. There was an explosion in 1919 that killed 10 people, and blew out the windows of the houses that were close by (probably my parents house!)

It was strange because it looked very dilapidated and unused, but the factory right beside it looked like there was still some activity happening. I am not 100% sure though! Although there was a security guard standing RIGHT THERE that we had to Mission Impossible our way around. It was pretty funny, we most likely looked like idiots.

I see you've done this before. Scandalous. 

What an awesome place to get to work at though, back in the day. Right on the water...it would have been glorious.

Broken windows.

I'd get no work done. I'd be the dreamer-writer sitting here all day.

Every door we tried was locked tight. With years' worth of cobwebs surrounding the knobs.

Weird plaster animals all over the place.

There is a disembodied torso in the window.

Krista is a teeny dot in the distance! Huge factory.

Grain things.

There were a hundred Canada Geese living here, just hanging out. I was like, what's up bitches!?? Don't peck me to death.

The other factory, on the opposite side. Security guard central.

Oh hey. Wash your hair dirty girl!

Leftover grain. And a lot of geese shit.

Krista wouldn't climb up that silo with me. I do remember one time when Krista and I climbed into an old silo. We looked up and there were hundreds of bats. She essentially whipped me out of the way so she could get to the door first and get out of there. Cunt. Love you Krista, good times!

Back through the rabbit hole.

Back home.

Next up, abandoned hotel!