2013 Goals and 2014 Intentions

by - January 05, 2014

I am not one to make resolutions, because well...I always break them and end up not caring one single bit about them by the end of January. So, I just try to do my best and do the things I love doing. With some goals and dreams sprinkled in for good measure.

Last year I made some goals. Let's see how I did on them shall we?

1. Get in better shape with running- I did this, yay me! Although running is a struggle for me at times because of my terrible allergies/ sinuses, I stuck with it and noticed a difference.

2.  Whiten my teeth- nope. Maybe this year?

3.  Read a book a month- I mostly did this. I read 10 books. Almost!

4.  Finish The Artist's Way- Didn't even crack it open. Oops.

5.  Finish anxiety book- Also didn't open it.

6.  Get OSAP (student loan) down to ten grand- I lost my job and decided to remain unemployed for a year, so this one was unattainable.

7.  Try a food I haven't tried before- Does ceviche count? I had never tried it before and it was effing delicious!

8.  Have $1000 saved towards a car- I was $30 shy of this goal! So, almost!

See what I mean? Stuff happens that you can't control. So I try! I fully accomplished 2 things out of the 8, almost accomplished 2 more, and failed miserably at 4. 

This year I am keen on getting myself out of more debt. I have worked my buns off for the past 5 or 6 years paying down all my debt and I have to say I feel very accomplished in this. But, there is still so much more to go.  Dave was kind enough to find an AWESOME budgeting program for us called You Need A Budget and we have actually been having fun creating our budgets and figuring out our total debt. Mine looks like this:

Yup. I am $21,061.26 in debt. Granted, 90% of that is student loans (the bane of my existence), but still. And now you know my debt. I am not ashamed. This should make me more accountable to it. It will be pretty cool to post another picture of this at the end of the year and see the comparison. 

I will do my best. And that is my 2014 intention and goal.

What are some of your resolutions/ intentions/ goals for 2014?

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