Sep 30, 2014

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Sep 29, 2014

Summer In Review

So, we didn't have the greatest Summer weather-wise. It wasn't very hot (which was fine with me), but we didn't really get to experience those beautiful Summer days that I love either.

I did make a Summer to-do list here, and we did do quite a few of the things on that list! Here are the Summer loving things we got to cross off our list:

A couple things of note:

We bought a car!!

See me learning how to drive here:

I got a new job at a mobile game publishing company and I love it!

And that is it! It was a pretty good summer all in all, not the best, but not the worst! I am looking forward to the cooler Fall weather to hit (finally) so that my allergies can go away a bit.

What fun things did you do this summer?

Sep 14, 2014

Updates and Such

I have been completely enjoying life as of late, what with my awesome job and the cooler, Fall-like weather.  My desk at work is always a work in progress, but so far its my comfy little space that I have made my own and I love it.

FINALLY got my hair done, thank god. The first picture it's pretty much brown (ugh), but my lovely hair magician made it all pretty and blonde again. I always feel human when my hair is just freshly done.

All along the street in front of my work they put these new planters and planted pretty fall flowers in them. This made me happy when I was walking in to work one morning.

Okay. Okay.....okay. CHRISTMAS ALREADY!!!! Notice how I did not put question marks, because this does NOT make me angry! I know all of you are going to want to punch me in the boob now, but hey, I am the Christmas Queen and my heart is made of garland and twinkly lights.

Second favourite, HALLOWEEN! I love, love, love Halloween. I love the month of October in general. Dave and I have our horror movie marathons on the weekends, I watch the entire Harry Potter series, cook things from my Harry Potter cookbook, and basically just live in spookiness and zombies.

More Christmas. To be fair, we were in Michael's, and they put stuff out early so that people can get a head start on their crafting projects (I worked at Michael's for a few years, favourite job!).

A touch of Fall.

Go big or go home I say.

This past Friday we went and visited Dave's folks in Orangeville and it was cold enough to have the fireplace on. It was heaven.

Of course when we are in Orangeville I have to get my macarons. OBSESSED.

Because it's been so chilly here lately, especially at night, it was time to replace our old space heater (R.I.P) with a new model. I loved the look of this wood stove one, so ours it became.

The cats were certainly happy to have their magic warm thing back.

I am happy to get to wear a toque!

So I bought Dave one of his Christmas presents early, and I got us him a PS4. Throw in a bean bag chair, the warmth of the space heater, some cats, and you pretty much have my favourite place to be ever.

I desperately want these. Anyone in the States want to send me some? We don't have cool stuff like that here. I will send you something back that you have always wanted! Let's do a fun swap!

To satisfy my pumpkin spice desires, I went and got my first pumpkin flavoured thing today from Starbucks (a frappucino), and it made me happier than it should have.

Tonight is about relaxing before work tomorrow, a yummy dinner, and getting a workout in before getting into a pair of warm cozy pjs. How do you spend your Sunday nights?

Sauble Beach

Last weekend, Dave and I thought it might be fun to drive three hours and go to Sauble Beach.  Dave had been there a bunch of times with his family when he was young, but I had never been, so off we went on an adventure!

It was such a nice drive, and the clouds eventually went away completely. It was also the first really cool day of the season, which was nice! Going to Sauble Beach was another Summer to-do list item so I am glad we got to check that one off our list.

The first store I went in once we got there and this is what I see! Yeah right!!! Anyone else remember these magazines? I was OBSESSED with them when I was a young thing. I had no clue they even still existed.

This used to be a restaurant, but is a store now.

They have a strip, with all these neat little trading post type stores, which I LOVED. So many things you don't need but have to have! I was a good girl though, and kept the spending to a minimum.

Cute guy, what's your name?

Oh god this one store that was right on the beach had been taken over by sand and damp. Everything in there was pretty gross, and the smell of rotting wood was prevalent. I just had to try on this hat though. Howdy pard.

Some of the best sand ever. I loved it. And the water was so warm, like bath water. I thought it would be much colder on account of the cold day, but I guess it's true when they say, cold air, warm water. I just made that up.

We went on a long walk to try and find Dave's old cottage that his family rented every year, and not only did we find it, but the guy who owned it (and lived next to it) was still alive and kicking! He remembered Dave and his family (it had been 20 years since they last rented the cottage), and we chatted for quite a while before we continued on our merry way. Dave was pretty happy.

After our long walk we were pretty hungry, so cheeseburgers, fries and cokes on the beach was really the only way to go.

And then it was time to head home. It was an excellent, happy day, and I can't wait to go back! We are thinking of renting a cottage there next Summer ourselves, but until then, adieu Sauble Beach!

Sep 7, 2014

A Celebration, and Fall

First off, I'd like to say a big whoops to this blog, because I missed it's anniversary! Pandorah's Box went live August 19th, 2008, making it 6 years old! Wow. I can't believe I have been updating and sharing my life for 6 years. Pretty crazy.

Anyway, on to the good stuff! This past Friday in Toronto was HOT. It was probably the hottest day of the entire Summer at a hellish 32 degrees Celsius. And that was before the humidex, which made it feel like 40C.  

So in honour of (hopefully) the last super hot day, and in celebration of the cooler weather we have been experiencing, I wanted to share some of my favourite Fall things!

Things like Yankee Candles, in the scents Apple Cider, Spiced Pumpkin, and Autumn Wreath.

Cuddling on the couch under a big blanket, or cats wanting to be under the covers with you, snuggling and warm.

Apple picking!

Going for walks and crunchy leaves.

Witch brooms.

Anything pumpkin spiced. That's right.

Busting out the crockpot and making delicious hearty meals, never mind making your house smell lovely.

A visit to Downey's Farm for some preserves and wine.

Frye boots and dresses.

New, cozy pajamas.

Today it is a beautifully cool, end of Summer day.  I am spending the day cleaning, airing the house out after being closed up and air conditioned all Summer, and melting my new pumpkin spice wax melts.

Tonight is going to be cuddle weather! I can't wait.  What do you look forward to most in the Fall?