Feb 27, 2014

What's in My Bag

Now that you know what bag I currently am in love with, let's take a look at what's inside my bag shall we?

Like any girl, I have everything I need in my purse to get me through the day. Our purses are our sanctuary, where all our secrets and potions and STUFF is. In my purse, I have:

1.  Mittens and a toque
2.  A book to read
3.  My wallet
4.  My employee badge on a lanyard
5.  My sunglasses in a case
6. A Fossil clutch that contains all my trinkets and accessories I need to feel human.

In my Fossil clutch you will find:

1.  Life Brand Clear action oil absorbing sheets
2.  A Revlon nail file
3.  A tampon (duh!)
4.  Candies
5.  A Nexcare band aid
6.  My Bach's Rescue Remedy
7.  The Body Shop's Lemon body butter hand cream
8.  Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
9.  My Roll up the Rim free coffee from Tim Hortons!

And in my inside pocket I carry:

1.  My passport
2.  My camera
3.  Two sets of earphones (?)
4.  Keys to a friend's house
5.  Prescription calm me the eff down pills
6.  Instructions on how to get to my best friend's house in Timbuktu 

What do you have in your purse? Do you think I have too much crap, or not enough?

Do I carry to much stuff in my bag?
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Feb 26, 2014

Matt & Nat

In celebration of my new job, I wanted to reward myself by buying a new bag (such a girl). I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be a higher quality one that would last me a long time. Gone are the days where I used to buy $20 bags from Bentley every couple of months because they would fall apart on me. Not that there is anything wrong with $20 bag from Bentley!

I figured I would check all my favourite stores for bags: Danier Leather, Fossil, and a recent new store that I love (and got my Frye's at), Capezio Shoes, thinking I would get a good quality leather bag. 

But then...

I discovered a brand called MATT & NAT at Capezio, and I fell in LOVE.

They make superior bags. I mean, gorgeous. And when I saw that they were all vegan and 100% recycled materials...I was sold.  As a person who feels guilty for eating meat, this makes me very happy.

Even Mikah loves it, even though it doesn't smell like leather (which makes her drool all over it when it does).

No they did not pay me to write this post. I just love this bag, and all their bags, that much. I bought mine at Capezio Shoes at the Eaton Centre.

What do you guys think of eco-friendly, vegan bags?

Feb 25, 2014

Funny Tweet Tuesday

It's still Tuesday so.....

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday night! The rest of my night will be spent studying and sleeeeeeeping zzzzzzzzzzz.......old man Winter reared his ugly head again and it's freezing! I just want to be under the covers, burrowed and cozy and warm.

What are you up to tonight?

Feb 21, 2014

Just a Couple of Work Selfies

Well hello there. Second week of work down. Also, I promise to stop talking about work very soon. 

The few things I have learned about this job in the past 7 days is that I get in trouble a lot for my clothing: I don't know what 'professional' means, I really enjoy my lonely lunchtime, and they like to poke you with needles. A lot. I work in a hospital so I guess this is required.

This was a TB test poke (1 of 2) where they put factory made TB under your skin and if the bump grows, you in danger girl!! Mine went down right away. Phew, since my uncle has TB and I have been more than exposed!

Sometimes I do feel like this though.

A lot of the time I feel like a maniac, walking around like a for real normal person. Anyone else feel that way? Not that I am complaining because it's a good job, but it has to be the office environment: the rules, the fluorescent lights, the rules. I was not born for this, but this I shall do.

I am glad I am not Donnie Darko crazy though. I mean, I am almost there, but not quite.

My view at lunch. I have grown to love my quiet lunchtimes, where I can be alone and no one talks to me.

Where I can read an awesome book (Testament: Funny Badgers by Indigo Roth on sale here!).

I lost my little change purse that had the rest of my bus tokens for the month in it. 14 tokens, or $40 worth of TTC money. I was so bummed. But then I was forced to walk home, and it felt like Spring, and I couldn't be too upset for much longer.

I had to be in at 7:30AM this morning to set up a meeting, and I had to leave the house at 6:50AM. I don't DO that early in the morning. My day was ok, except towards the end of it when I kept making mistakes and I got reprimanded for it. Oh well. I ain't perfect and I don't pretend to be, so deal with it I guess. My major accomplishment already happened when I left the house at 6:50AM, what more do you want?

It's so windy out tonight, I feel like the house might blow away.

It's ok though...I have a pair of these:

I hope everyone had a great week, and an even better weekend! 

Feb 16, 2014

Valentine's Day (Grilled) Cheese

Caution: Cheese ahead. Of the icky love kind, and of the delicious kind.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day! We don't really celebrate it because it's just another day, but it was a nice excuse to go out and get some gourmet grilled cheese!


I'm pretty sure I have talked about Boylan's on this blog before, because it's DELICIOUS. The best root beer ever. Of all time. It has a slight bitterness to it that makes it so so good. 

I had a roasted pear, arugula, pancetta, brie and blue cheese grilled cheese. It was really really good. If you are ever in the 'hood, go to Cut the Cheese. It's good stuff. And no, they did not pay me to say that!

Afterwards we went out for a drink and some dessert.

Which was also good. I am a woman of many words today aren't I?

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! It's a long weekend here because of Family Day so the rest of my weekend will consist of lounging around and doing nothing.

Happy Sunday!

Feb 14, 2014

First Week Down

Although my first week of work was only three days long, it felt like an entire 5 days! Am I allowed to say that yet? The week was definitely busy, not just because of work, but because of other things, like you know, LIFE. I personally think that when you are living life, you shouldn't have to work. Make sense? I know.

So I have to dress up for this job. I went out and spent an EXORBITANT amount of money on clothes and have already gotten in shit twice for my choices not being office-y enough. Oh well. live and learn.

I am in love with these but they destroyed my feet. I have to break them in by wearing them around the house I think, and not the office where I can't take them off.

We FINALLY changed our room around and we love it. The way we had it (for five years) was so uncomfortable and just didn't make for a nice bedroom space. We never wanted to be up there. But now it's fantastic and we love it. It still needs a bit of work; like a new duvet so we can get rid of the college dorm comforter that Dave loves, and the white plastic set of drawers need to go stat!

So much space to work out now. Before I had to duck and constantly pay attention to where my arms and legs were at all times. Now, freedom baby!

Second day of work selfie! 

Today, third day of work. I am settling in nicely, despite a few glitches along the way. 

How can I complain too much when I have my own office?

Bored at lunch. There is a couch in that room, and it's always empty. I considered setting my alarm and taking a nap....

Shoe (Frye) porn.

In other news...a power tool ate my finger. Not because I am helpless around them, but because I am just that badass. 

We are going out for grilled cheese tonight! Gourmet grilled cheese, I can't wait! I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's day/ V-day/ singles day/ long weekend/ whatever the hell you choose to celebrate or not celebrate weekend!