Nov 7, 2016

Let's Just Get This One Out Of The Way

Hey there buddies! I know Halloween is over. I need to put this post up before I can move on to all things Christmas...and you know I'm going to!

Oct 31, 2016

Top 10 Scariest Stories...Told in Just Two Sentences

Ouija: Origin of Evil

Aug 17, 2016

August Is the Sunday of Summer

Its true you know. Who likes August? At this point, I am just waiting for Autumn because I have had enough of this desert-like weather. The first day that the air is crisp and I can comfortably wear a sweater is the day my life begins again! Haha. That's depressing.

Jul 20, 2016

10 Dreamy Bedroom Decor Ideas

I don't know about you guys, but I am tired today. I work for a busy orthodontist which means office hours that are different every day. Tuesday night we work late, and Wednesday morning we work early, so the transition kind of sucks! Which makes me daydream about my bed all day Wednesday. Today I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite bedroom decor ideas that are guaranteed to make me want to stay in bed forever.


Jul 13, 2016

From Me, With Love

For those of us struggling with this heat today...stay cool.

Fall Shoe Envy

It is so hot here right now. Like stupidly hot. It is 33C right now, but feels more like 40C, and Toronto is under an extreme heat warning. Naturally, I am dreaming VERY HARD about cooler weather (quiet you summer lovers! I am a winter girl! Plus, this is not a comfortable temperature, I don't care who you are).

I don't want to rush the summer because I do like all seasons, but I can't help but think about all those cute Fall outfits that lie ahead. And every cozy Fall outfit needs a great pair of shoes to go along with it. Here are my top 5 wants this year.

Jul 7, 2016

7 Cool Tiny Homes

The tiny house trend has been on my (and I am sure everyone else's) radar now for a couple of years, and it is certainly gaining momentum. I have always been more comfortable in smaller spaces, and even would choose the smallest room whenever we moved into a new house. I love being cozy. It is something I strive for on a daily basis, what with the regular clothes coming off before I even get in the door (I'm kidding), and the makeup wipes doing their thang 10 seconds after I am home (if I am not being lazy that is. Ladies and gents, y'all know how it is). But when is small too small? Could you happily live in any of these tiny homes?

This 335-square-foot bachelor is small, but so pretty! I would love something like this (if I was single that is). But this smart lady only pays $950 a month for all of her expenses: mortgage, condo fees, internet, a parking spot, home insurance etc. Sigh...that alone makes me jealous. Click here for more pictures. I do love this tiny home and could be very happy in a place like this!

Jun 22, 2016

Get Outside (Or, My Guide to Forcing Myself Outside)

Hello there my sunflowers! I know that technically it is only the third day of Summer, but I have already been enjoying checking things off my summer fun to do list.

Jun 9, 2016

Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition- The Devil House Part 2

The last post we explored the first floor, so now let's head on upstairs. The stairs in this house were still pretty structurally sound, which makes me think that it could not have been abandoned for too long. Unless being boarded up so tight was actually working on keeping out moisture, but who knows for sure?

Jun 7, 2016

Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition- The Devil House Part 1

Alright folks. Here it is...this house is up there with my top 3 scariest houses I have ever explored. Now, there was nothing exceptionally dangerous about this house, just to re-assure everyone of that (I know you are all going to think we are idiots haha!), it was just a feeling. It was all boarded up and completely dark in there, plus it was starting to get dark outside...which is a time we don't usually explore houses. I don't know why it was so scary, it was just a feeling that started before we even got in the house. And then got much worse the more we explored.

Jun 1, 2016

Weird and Cool

This world is a magical place. Enjoy it.

Men's Brain Women's Brain

I saw this video the other day of Mark Gungor, a speaker on marriage and family, hilariously describing the difference between men and women's brains. Worth a watch!

May 27, 2016

Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition-The Cool House

Hello again friends! Another abandoned house post for you, although not the super creepy one yet, I am saving that one for last.

Krista spotted this house out of no where, in the middle of no where. Look at that sky!

May 26, 2016

10 of My Favorite Images This Week, From Around the Web

After gathering and posting all of these pictures from around the web, I realized that they are all Autumn themed (with only one Christmas-y picture surprisingly!), and quite cozy. Today has been very dark and dreary, and raining heavily, so I guess I am feeling the desire to be snug and tucked in somewhere. Plus, its freaking hot and muggy out, so enjoy the cooler season pics!

May 24, 2016

Up To No Good: Abandoned Trailer Edition

This past long weekend was one of lots of abandoned house exploring, which makes for an excellent time in my book! I am posting this one first because it was the most 'boring' out of the three that we went into. It wasn't boring at all, but comparatively it was the least crazy. 

May 18, 2016

Springtime Such A Pretty Ring Time

Hello again friends and neighbors! Happy spring time to you...if you have been experiencing it. Here, it's wishy-washy. One minute its nice, the next freezing. Hopefully this is not foreboding to what the summer will be like! For now, let us enjoy the sunshine and take a look into what Spring has sprung so far.

May 9, 2016

Rose Gold Everything

Hello my golden roses! Not sure if you knew this, but I am all about the rose gold trend this year. When Apple came out with a rose gold iPhone, I jumped on that bandwagon so fast it was gross. Of course they were all sold out for about 6 months, but I was obsessed. And I haven't regretted my purchase one single bit! 

And now I can't help but notice all the rose gold things that have been popping up this year so far. From home decor to fashion, I am in love with it all. These are just a few of my favorite rose gold things.

May 4, 2016

The Library of Fragrance - The Wonderful and The Weird

After HATING perfumes for most of my life because of allergies, I have just started getting into scents that work for me; because they aren't perfum-y, flowery concoctions of hell (sorry to those who love scents like that *AHERM KRISTA!*). I am not denying heavy scents don't smell good, they just kill me. So I have started wearing lighter body sprays that fade before you even leave the house so that you just get a hint of peppermint (my scent of choice).

Apr 27, 2016

All I Want For Wednesday: Beach Edition

Hello sunfish! I don't know about you but the weather lately has made me DESPERATELY wish for beach time. I'm not one to complain about snow and cold (I love it), but this year it feels like it has lingered. Warm weather needs to step in and take over. 

So, to pay homage to the sweltering days that lie ahead, lets dive in (see what I did there?) and take a look at some cool things to bring to the beach! P.S-none of this is sponsored (HINT #$@#^%&##@$@# HINT ).

Apr 26, 2016

Things I Could Stare At all Day

Because my brain can't handle life or words today:

A Cup of Tea and A Good Book

Hello my cozy friends! How is your Tuesday treating you so far? Here in Toronto, it is cold and wet. I'm almost positive the rain was borderline snow as I was waiting for the bus this morning. Huddled with the rest of the cold, wet and sleepy commuters, this is all I could think of: to be looking at the cold rain from the comfort of my home.

Apr 14, 2016

Top 10 Abandoned Places I Would Love to Explore

It's no secret that I love exploring abandoned places. Just do a search on this blog of the word 'abandoned' and a list of many of the places I've been in will pop up (seriously so much creep factor).

But what about all the places I would LOVE to explore, but most likely won't ever be able to? This is my top ten list of all of those places:

1. Pripyat-Ukraine

Apr 11, 2016

2016 So Far

Hello again potatoes! I hope you are all having an excellent Monday. Give yourselves giant pats on the back for even waking up this morning...its hard I know.

But lets get into what has been happening in 2016 so far, shall we? Grab a coffee, tea, wine, whatever your heart desires, and enjoy this post.

Mar 28, 2016

Up to No Good: Abandoned House Edition...The Moon House

Hello there! Come with me into the Moon House. We had been passing this place on the highway for a long time, and I have wanted in desperately! For some reason, Mr. Dave the Scared and Terrified had some courage yesterday and I was able to convince him to do it. Once he agreed to go, you better believe I sat there not moving, quiet and barely breathing in case he noticed me and changed his mind. It's a precarious thing people.

Mar 23, 2016

March Revisited

Hello my dear sweet love nuts! I am alive! Man, what a crazy three months it has been...and no, not the fun kind of crazy. I got some sort of lung infection sickness thing in January along with a cold that lasted for a month and a half, and then I got a really bad sinus infection. Haha. Oh dear. So I have been out of commission sort of, but working at the same time.

This time of year makes me want to clean and air things out, and do all those kinds of domestic things, except for tonight. Tonight there is a big storm coming and I am just hoping I make it home before the subway decides to turn to shit. So until I find something interesting to write about here, lets take a look at March posts from Pandorah's Box, through the years.

2015- Getting Lost

Jan 15, 2016

Stormy Day

Ok this was supposed to go up a couple of days ago, but I got lazy. And it really was blizzarding outside so brain enters shut down mode once I get home from work. BUT, this is good advice for the entire winter season, so enjoy knuckleheads! 

We are currently experiencing some stormy weather here in Ontario, and although Toronto doesn't get as much snow as the surrounding areas, we did get quite a bit today!

Jan 4, 2016

2015: A Year in Photographs

Hello there! My annual year in photos (and now with video! Look at me evolving!). 2015 was a hard one, lots happened that definitely tested my ability to keep my head above the water of severe depression. BUT, the human spirit definitely fights to survive! In so many ways.

This year showed me who my heroes were. My mother, of course, who battled cancer and a subsequent pretty terrible surgery, but who did it with a smile (and a lot of drugs haha!). You are an amazing woman, one I hope to be like someday. Love you.

Jan 2, 2016

What I Got for Christmas 2015

Hello there friends! So...I debated posting this because one likes a braggy pants! But, then I figured, it's all stuff that I am excited about and why not share? Besides, if you are anything like me you love this kind of shit. So here goes!

The stash! There was more to this pile, but it was mostly gift certificates, pyjamas (my fave!!!), stocking stuff which included a lot of essentials, and candy and chocolate. I am definitely a lucky, GRATEFUL girl folks. I know that there are people who are not this lucky in life.