Love of Stuff

by - September 14, 2008

I took this picture as I was walking home one day through the rain. It was such a weird/ lovely evening that I couldn't resist.

I love the rain. Right now, it is raining heavily (from the effects of Hurricane Ike), and I am drinking a glass of wine and listening to it fall outside the window. Earlier today, I had a bath and opened the window at my feet and read my book, and gazed idly at the drops. It conjures a feeling of gratitude: that I am warm, and dry, and have hot food to put in my belly.

I am at my folks' house at the moment, in my old room, listening to the rain outside the window, like I have for many years before. And even back then the rain would make me feel contemplative about my life. The things I used to think about then are very different from what I think of now. It's amazing what ten years can do do to a person's mind.

Well kind reader, peace out.

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