I WILL Conquer You!

by - June 08, 2009

So in my pursuit of a 'fit' me, I have accepted the challenge of running (although walking is more like it) up the CN Tower stairs. There are 1776 stairs to the main deck level (please let us only climb to there!!) and 2579 stairs to the Sky pod. There are 144 flights if I am not mistaken. That is 122 flights MORE then the Ghostbusters climbed to save Dana and to fight Gozer the Gozarian, and you saw how tired they were!!! If I survive, I will let you know how it goes. So I have been training now for a few weeks and can walk up 800 stairs in one session. Wanting to collapse the whole time mind you, but I know it will get easier. I have also been documenting the way with pictures, so once I get some more I will add them and you can take a look at my fine ass!!! Haha. Anyway, I am really excited to be doing this. It sort of goes along with my 2009: Year of Doing Things, and to get myself healthier and happier. This is only the beginning in setting challenges for myself. Next year I want to walk 600km along the Bruce Trail. We'll see how that one goes though! 

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