by - June 22, 2009

Take a look at this and think about how much you love Summer!

You know, I kind of really love Summer. I didn't for the longest time. I was always complaining about how hot it was and blah blah....but I figured out one day that complaining was not making it any better for me. Actually, it was making it kind of worse. So I started 'tricking' myself into loving it when I was a sweaty beast, and loving it when I wanted to fall down in the street from dehydration. And for a long time it didnt work at all. But then I started noticing that everyone was a wilted little flower in this city in the Summer, and that no matter how many times a day you shower, you are still pretty ripe about half an hour later. And then magic happened and I began to love it. So enjoy Summer people!!! Or if you dont enjoy it, then I dont want to hear any belly-aching about how cold it is 4 months from now!!! :)

P.S.- My favorite thing in the Summer is when you wash your face and the water runs black. Amazing.

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